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It’s only been about three weeks since we did our pilot episode for Timey-Wimey Tea Time and it feels like so much longer..  The community is bustling, the love is blooming, and there is adventure around every corner.  We are humbled, excited, and eager to keep this going.  We hope you continue to join us for tea or your beverage of choice!


Everyone wants to have tea with Amy / Karen.

This project is an evolving thing.  It’s organic because the community is every big a part of the experience and we go well beyond the video and audio podcasts.  The new friendships and opportunities we are forging together warm our hearts.  As a work in progress, we will continue to improve, experiment, and innovate…

…And it all happens with your help!

Please take a moment to complete the poll at the end of this poll so we can figure a few things out.  We want to serve the Whovian community and our fellow creatives better!

If you haven’t checked out our extended podcast cuts on YouTube, here is the playlist.  We include pre and post-shows here and there just because we are just so excited to share our hearts and souls with you..  Better yet, there’s tons of content already to tide you over and make up for our brief holiday, as some of you so cleverly hinted at!

Tea Time With ThinkGeek

I just saw some goodies on ThinkGeek that got me excited.  I already have a color-changing Doctor Who coffee mug (which no longer changes colors because I use it too much LOL).  This here would be an awesome addition to my Whovian collection!

What do you think about these geeky Doctor Who-branded items?

15eb_doctor_who_tardis_tea_infuser_in_use-teach-your-tea-to-time-travel Doctor-Who-TARDIS-Tea-Infuser-ThinkGeek

We’re trying to get into the ThinkGeek affiliate program but it’s a bit more involved than we had expected.  Until then, we’ll just swoon over these wonderful products and encourage you all to share any photos you have of nifty Doctor Who items.  You can find me on Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I’ll get the photos up here in our fan love posts..  Maybe we’ll get them on our Official GANG Fan Page too!


A Paternal Or A Dangerous Doctor? #TheDangerousDoctor

The TWTT community has spoken and one of the things that has come up is the notion of a paternal Doctor.  Stan and I love the idea of a more serious, dangerous Doctor.   #TheDangerousDoctor is catching on but some of our fellow Whovians would prefer to see a more sensitive father figure.

If anyone can pull it off, it’s Peter Capaldi.  I believe he can be both dangerous and paternal; after all, we parents would do anything for our families, no?  As you can see below in the photo, Matt Smith already gave us a taste of what a more paternal Doctor would look like. The whole Earth roommate scenario humanized the Doctor further. If you go further back, William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee, and Tom Baker displayed similar fatherly characteristics.

Matt Smith as a more paternal Doctor.

I can’t wait to see Episode 3 and see where Series 8 of Doctor Who is really heading but, without further ado, here is the poll.  Please share any other feedback you have in the comments and don’t forget: leave us VM at (206) 415-4987 – share your Whovian firsts, most memorable Doctor Who moments, kudos, Soft Kitty singing, and whatever else you are inspired to do!

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  1. I like this new concept of a paternal Doctor – a real man. Not a soldier who is dead on the inside. I’m going to think about this more.

    • It would be an interesting concept too because we have seen a few soldiers already in S8. The contrast would be brilliant. I feel we have already seen a war-torn, tormented Doctor enough for now. This would be a nice change of pace indeed.

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