#TWTT | #DoctorWho Dark Journey Series 2 Episode 6 “Lost Souls” WORLD PREMIERE!

It’s finally here – the latest episode of Doctor Who Dark Journey Series 2 (and TWTT)!

Greetings Geeksters, Tangent Seekers, Whovians, geeks, nerds, and everyone in between.  We have a real treat for you today.  Pardon me while I rant a bit…

Episode 6, “Lost Souls”, is the end of the story thus far and the beginning of new things.  I love the dialogue in this episode so, when AM Audio Media asked us to be part of their launch event and they gave us THIS episode, I was particularly giddy.  The writing in Dark Journey is smart, cheeky, and just plain BRILLIANT!  I love how the show pokes fun at the tropes we’ve come to love in Doctor Who, while infusing elements from the mythos of other creative works.

But, enough from me, here are the video clips from today’s live broadcast.  You’ll want to watch #TWTT Episode 31.5 for the actual Dark Journey episode.  I know banter is something people tend to complain about when it comes to podcasts but I quite enjoyed learning more about Andrew “Chompers” Chalmers when he is not playing The Doctor.  This guy is a true geek and an absolute pleasure to hang out with.  Heck, we have a half-hour pre-show and we’re still chatting right now.  Gotta love the power of the Interwebz!

Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 31.0 – Andrew Chalmers Talks Action Figures, Spider-Man, Batman, Babylon 5, And MORE!

Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 31.5 – Intro To Doctor Who Dark Journey & S2E6 “Lost Souls” World Premiere!

…And now for something completely different (not really)…

Next week on Saturday, July 25th, The Tangent-Bound Podcast (which is available on Stitcher, thankfully) will premiere Dark Journey Episode 7.  Chompers tells us there are one or two episodes left and then that’s it..  For now, at least.  Plans for an omnibus cut with all the episodes as a continuous story are in the pipelines, along with other surprises.

Here are some of the things that really stood out for me during our chat today:

  • Chompers has quite the action figure collection..  And he’s a big fan of Spider-Man and Batman, man!
  • Chompers is quite the movie buff.
  • MA Tamburro (Mike, the other half of AM Audio Media), does not like Babylon 5..  Or zombies.
  • Babylon 5 is not a Star Trek show and, if it were, it would not be canon anyway.
  • The Doctor knows how to pimp yo ride, yo.
  • We’ve teamed up with Geek Watch One, Who Wars, Galifrey Stands, and many other fantastic networks/podcasts.  #WhoviansUnite
  • AM Audio Media is cooking up something special as a tribute to the fans and Whovian community.
  • Maroon 5 is still very popular with the youngins.
  • You can meet an angel any day, any time.
  • Let’s be a beacon to shine onward for all!
  • We clearly can’t stay focused when we are put together without adult supervision (i.e. MA Tamburro).

I can’t wait to have the AM Audio Media folks back on #TWTT and perhaps some of our other shows.  Everyone part of this launch event is welcome to!  Let’s talk creative writing, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, zombies, vampires, deep space, time travel..  WHATEVER!

Some of the fandoms we hope to cover in addition to Doctor Who include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warehouse 13, The Whispers, Fringe, Falling Skies, Eureka, Firefly, and Stargate.  So many great shows to discuss..  We won’t even talk about movies.  Where do we even start?  Tell us what you’d like to discuss next in the comments – or leave us voicemail at (206) 415-4987!

Don’t forget: you can catch the entire #TWTT feed on YouTube, GeekyAntics Foundry, and GeekyAntics HQ!



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