DadsOfDestiny Cystic Fibrosis Charity Stream – In Memory Of Josh Stokell


One of the greatest tragedies of the human condition is that great people are only remembered when they pass away.  Look back to any of the greatest artists, inventors, humanitarians, etc.  They were all celebrated well after their death, not during their life.  The recently departed Josh Stokell seems to be an exception to this and the tragedy here is that he was taken away from us at such a young age.  Guardian down…


Josh fought against cystic fibrosis well over 30 years and dedicated his life to developing treatment and, ultimately, a cure.  Sadly, Josh lost his battle but not until he made great strides both in microbiology and gaming.  I did not know Josh personally but, from what I gather, he was greatly appreciated during his relatively short time on earth.  Hearing his Dads Of Destiny clanmates share war stories and anecdotes about their Destiny adventures with this beloved fallen Guardian brings a smile to my face because I realize Josh lived a fuller life than most people do going into their 80s and 90s.

The story of this everyday hero hits home for me because Josh was my age before leaving us.  It seems like, everywhere I turn, people are affected by cancer, fibromyalgia, and cystic fibrosis.  You rarely hear about how people affected by chronic or terminal illness cope with it and live purposeful lives.  When you’re ridden with disease and ailments, it’s easy to be bitter but I hear nothing but good things about Josh.  He was passionate about his work, Destiny, and people as a whole.


The DadsOfDestiny have teamed up with several streamers and promoters to host a 48-hour streaming event.  The Breathe Easy charity stream is happening right now.  The goal is to continue Josh Stokell’s work to fight cystic fibrosis.  They’ve raised a good bit of money so far but, more importantly, they’ve raised awareness of this terrible condition.  The Destiny community has really rallied and even Bungie has supported the effort with codes and social media marketing.

As I write this, we’re already almost halfway through the stream event.  I’m glad that I finally took the plunge with Destiny because now I get to appreciate the community even more.  I’m even more thrilled by the turn-out.  This event was thrown together last-minute with minimal prep but you wouldn’t know it.  Tons of people are showing up and hanging out..  Even better, everyone has been mostly positive and authentic, streamers and viewers alike. is also donating 100% of their profits this weekend to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  VOG sells shot glasses with Destiny art and other geeky things.  Definitely check them out!


What I’ve seen so far from this community event is that there are heroes in the least likely places.  We always think about soldiers that serve in combat zones, firefighters, and doctors as heroes.  I won’t take anything away from those fine folks but the people that are volunteering for this charity stream and supporting it via social shares, donations, and other meaningful ways…  THOSE are heroes too.  I’m impressed by how many people are sharing feels and supporting this stream wholeheartedly when they could be, oh I don’t know, enjoying cam babes instead  (just sayin).

For more details on the Breathe Easy charity stream visit the Dads Of Destiny web site.  The full streaming schedule can be found there alongside links to the Josh Stokell’s memorial site and guest book.  If you can’t donate, don’t feel pressure: simply being there nad telling others goes a long way, believe me.  If you can donate, keep in mind that every 20 donations or so there will be a Blacksmith shader given away.  There are also Red Bull codes and surprise swag (maybe).

See you on the Dads Of Destiny Twitch channel!


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  1. LOVED the stream stayed for half of it. Wish i had gotten a blacksmith shader tho D:. If anyone has one plz msg me on xbox Gt- Elem3nTaL PaNda

  2. Awesome, Daniel! I loved this event. One of the best charity streams I have seen yet, hands down! I only wish we had more time to prep and promote this properly. Hopefully we can get together as a community and do another one in a few weeks. That’d be boss!

    By then, I’ll have my PVR set up again too. w00t! =oD

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