Social Dozen SESH12 – Double The Shawn, Quadruple The Guns & Monkeys!

By ( #TheGANG)

We talk about the strange news coming from zoos nation-wide and how everyone
thinks they know better or can be a better parent. We live in a world where people love to judge and don’t consider the…

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Social Dozen SESH11 – The BTeam LITE & Vaping Obsessions

By ( #TheGANG)

We go deep on vape culture and how everyone has their vice. Why are some people so against vaping/smoking or pot.. Yet they’ll do one of the others? The simple answer: we all choose our vice and justify it to ourselves somehow.

Due to popular demand, we will start uploading episodes as soon as post-production is complete so current events stay relevant!

YOUR hosts for this AWESOME session:

Chip Cella a.k.a. CaptinChaos, Eli “Sodoom”, and Fred Rojas a.k.a.
Spydersvenom.. Basically, it’s the B-TEam minus a couple of peeps. Norma “Normii477” Late puts on a fresh shirt and joins fashionably late!

TIP OF THE DAY: Just because your boss says it’s okay doesn’t mean it is.. Be wary of traps!

*** TEXT/VM: (201) 762-4256 ***

BUZZ WORDS AND CRAP: Illegal vaping and vape mods. clapton coils are smooth
like a baby’s butt, or so says Sodoom. It’s shorts weather! The Tracer/Overwatch victory pose debacle comes up again. Isn’t it crazy that our society has become so entitled that we make big stinks over stupid things? In video games, whining may bring about change but the real world doesn’t work that way.. What are we teaching future generations by bending to pressure?

“Don’t use this in the bath tub.” Chip

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NSFW EP8 – May 21st 2016 – Extreme Rules Predictions

By (ObioneX2)

Extreme Rules Predictions @TSEobione, @TSE blades, Fortengard, I.B. Loud, talk all things Wrestling. Nxt Hopefulls


â?¦#TheGANG @,,

SMS/VM (646) 801-2149


NSFW is a show where the we are talking about all things wrestling WWE TNA ROH NJPW. So if you would like to join us please do and throw in your 2 cents we are going to let you guys speak your mind as well or answer any questions.

The Card:

â?¢Power Rankings


â?¢Extreme Rules Predictions


Extreme Rules

â?¢World Heavyweight Championship Reigns (F8tl, Obi, Fort) vs AJ Styles

â?¢WWe Womenâ??s Championship Charlotte (F8tl) vs Natalya (Obi, Fort) Ric banned from ringside.

â?¢Intercontinental Championship The Miz (F8tl,) vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro (Obi,fort) vs Sami Zayn (Fatal 4-way)

â?¢Dean Ambrose (Obi, Fort, F8tl) vs Chris Jericho (Asylum Match)

â?¢The Usos (F8tl) vs Bullet Club (Obi, Fort)

â?¢WWE Tag Team Championship The New Day (Fort) vs The Vaudevillains (Obi,F8tl)

â?¢United States Championship Kalisto (F8tl, Obi, Fort) vs Rusev

â?¢Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin (Obi,F8tl, Fort) (No DQ match)

Open discussion and call ins

MATCHES: Each match is worth 1 point

OBI: 71

F8TL: 74

Fort: 70

Any other topics anyone would like us to cover please let us know.


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7 Nifty Things About Septic Systems & Garbage Disposal

Here at GeekyAntics, we like to cover all the things we geeks think about or at least should be aware of. It’s usually fun or useful stuff. Today’s featured article is in the latter camp, thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Martin Septic Service of Georgia. Enjoy!

Now, you may be reading this thinking, “But, wait, I don’t own a house.” That may be true but you don’t want to deal with a crappy (quite literally) situation in the future, do you? Here are some things you should know, even if you are a renter or soon-to-be homeowner.

1. Septic Systems Are Everywhere

Before talking with Vince Martin of MSS (that’s Martin Septic Services, for short), it never struck me just how much we take septic systems for granted. If you are used to living in big cities like I am, transitioning to rural areas can be tricky. After tons of research and probing Vince with the right questions, I learned that septic tanks are used by one in five U.S. households nation-wide but, in the South, that number is at around half and growing. If you live in a trailer or rent a house, chances are you have a septic system. If you own a home, those chances are even higher.  Septic systems come in many flavors but, basically, you have a septic tank, a bunch of pipes, and a drainfield where everything ultimately ends up.

How Septic Systems Work

2. Smart Water Usage & Conservation

Water conservation is always a smart play and it’s great for the environment, but it is absolutely crucial when you have a septic system in place. In our household, we’ve gotten better about spreading out laundry and doing smaller loads. We’ve also gotten into the habit of running the water less and lower pressures. Even spacing out bath/shower time makes a huge difference. I know, we all love our long showers and bubble baths but the idea here is to give the septic tank enough time to drain. Trust me, you DON’T want that thing to overload!

3. The Economics Of Septic Systems

A routine inspection and preventative can be as little as $300. Conversely, replacing a failing septic system can cost you anywhere from $3000 to $15000, depending on what sort of system you need for your land. As is the case with any other major investment such as a car or a house as a whole, being proactive is best (and MUCH more affordable). When you consider the exorbitant costs of emergency services and the huge mess a drainfield can become due to septic system negligence, investing in routine work makes A LOT more sense… And take this from a really frugal guy – ME!

What do you flush/drain and NOT?

4. What NOT To Flush Or Drain

Hazardous chemicals such as bleach, disinfectants, and cleaning solvents should never be washed down the drain, if at all possible. Of course, if you’re cleaning your sink, bath tub, and other water basins, this may be unavoidable so consider using natural cleaning solvents for smaller jobs. The trick here is to do simple cleaning on a regular basis so you don’t have to use the harsher stuff for the really tough jobs.

Even everyday items can be pesky. Coffee grounds (in large amounts), food scraps, onion skins, potato peels, pasta, rice, banana peels, and oil/grease are the biggest offenders, yet folks wash them down the drain all the time. Cigarettes and other non-biodegradable items are a HUGE no-no, too.

As a good rule of thumb, any starches or items that expand are huge troublemakers. It may seem silly but, if it doesn’t break down easily under hot running water, opt to put it in the trash or in a proper waste receptacle.

The biggest matter of debate here are eggshells. While they are arguably good for sharpening garbage disposal blades, they are surprisingly resiliant and may cause clogs/build-up in conjunction with other tough everyday items such as paper towels and cotton balls. Lots of advice out there says eggshells are safe but I’ve done some pretty exhaustive research and that advice may be a bit short-sighted. Better safe than sorry!

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TWTT EP44 – Jessica Jones Vs. One Punch Man – Doctor Who Series 9 2nd Look

By (Yomar Lopez a.k.a. @Yogizilla | |

Oolong is back – AGAIN!!

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Friends gather to discuss Doctor Who, sci-fi, fantasy, creative writing, poetry, beauty, and other things geeks speak. LIVE – SMS/VM 646-801-2149

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E41 – 1/20/16 – No Cam Party

By WRS Media

DJ Halfstep joins Andy & Kevin to talk about lots of things that involve SPOILERS!!! You’ve been warned.

Check out DJHalfstep on Twitch!

Watch/listen live Wednesdays @ 9pm EST on Twitch! [ More Podcast Goodness ]

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Every Day Carry: What’s In Your Bug-Out Bag?

By Rachel Drummond

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen the reports of major bushfires in Victoria. While this is nothing new, it made me think of something that preppers are known for. The Bug Out Bag. It’s that bag that we who believe in preparedness are mocked for by those who have no idea what it really is. Everybody, in one shape or other, has a bug out bag, or if you like, it’s younger sister the every-day carry bag. Some are just poorly equipped. Men have their wallets, women have their handbags Soldiers.. well NO-ONE is more equipped than they are.

I have two bags now. I have my BOB in my car, something that if I didn’t have, I would have had to turn in my apocalypse card. As a nurse though, I’ve had to carry what amounts to an EDC. In aged care, this was a pouch that consisted of ID, scissors, tape, pens (many, many pens), Handover sheet, alcohol (swabs!! gee, I’m a little more professional than that!) and I usually throw a simple dressing in there at the start of the shift. trust me, it’s needed more often than not, and having it on me saves a lot of time!

I was looking through my pouch this morning though. Thinking about what I would have to change going into the hospital. As of an hour ago, it is almost three times as thick. Just from what I have at home, I’ve found room for my stethoscope torch and diary. I have no idea what else I’m going to have to make room for in there or what I won’t be using as much of. I have so many things I would love to take with me (My ‘nursing for dummies’ first and foremost among these).

That’s my EDC. Are there any nurses out there who have suggestions on what to add to my EDC? What is something you have in yours that you never use? Do you have a non-nursing EDC or your own BOB?

Actually,  maybe don’t list your name if you have a BOB. I’m pretty sure there are Neegans out there taking advantage of pre-apocalypse information and taking a list of potential ‘cash-cows’. There is already a possibility that I’m going to be getting some nasty comments from nurses who have know their EDC is priceless and are not happy that I painted a target on their back.

I will leave you with a small tip though. When the SHTF, make sure you have a nurse or a doctor with you. Trust me, you’ll need them in your group.

AFTERWORD: Ha! How’s that for multi-tasking, nursing, zombies and prepper talk all wrapped up in one neat little pack.

"The South Forsaken" Rachel Drummond

Want more?  Check out Rachel Drummond’s survival “handbook”, The South Forsaken.  BTW, she is a gamer, podcaster, and a Naruto fan..  Truly an uber geek and awesome friend to have – we love you, Rachel!

Happy New Year 2016: It’s A Time Of Possibilities, Hope, And Joy

Hey, it’s 2016 – Happy New Year, friends, family, and furry forest dwellers!

Today we have a simple message of hope that we hope will inspire our GANG collaborators, friends, and anyone who may happen to come across this article.  We’ll try to keep it short since we know, by the time this goes out, everyone will be drunk, sleeping, and/or hungover.

Now to get a little serious…

Bad Things Turned Good.  In 2015, many bad things overshadowed otherwise good, productive, and fun times.  Some of us dealt with deaths of close family members, battles with cancer, financial struggle, loneliness, and overall loss of hope.  Many of you may not know this but I lost my aunt this year and she was like a second mother to me.  It really knocked the wind out of my sails along with other bad news but having The GANG, our community here at GeekyAntics, really helped me out.

I learned a lot of things about myself, our audience, and what GeekyAntics can and should become.  Mainly, everything positive that happened reinforced my beliefs that…

  • People are fundamentally good.
  • Small victories can lead to big things.
  • The storm always comes before major break-throughs.
  • This network truly is about collaboration and support.

The GeekyAntics Network is exactly where we need it to be right now and where we expected to be right now.  Heck, we’ve done so much more than we expected considering I’m bootstrapping everything and we’ve encountered so much adversity.  We could not have done it without YOU!

Unlimited Possibilities.  One thing thing that has helped us all out is having an abundance mindset.  There truly is a world of unlimited possibilities out there and, really, the only thing that limits our growth personally and as brands is our attitudes.  So many folks give up right when they are on the verge of a major break-through and we’ve been working hard to help those types of folks stay strong and focused.

While we are still very much committed to individual brands (mainly streamers, writers, game devs, and podcasters), it is absolutely necessary to partner up with bigger brands.  We’ve teamed up with tons of people in 2015 but two brands stand out the most: Martin Septic Services, based out of Middle Georgia (not Middle Earth), and Unified Combat League, based out of Seattle and sometimes Canada.

Vince Martin Septic Tank Service | Eatonton, Gray, Milledgeville & Middle Georgia |

Martin Septic Tank Services (also known as Martin’s Septic Service) has been an awesome sponsor.  Vince Martin is a pleasure to work with and one of the coolest guys I know in Georgia.  Teaming up with a local company in such a niche may seem silly to some but our goal is to align ourselves with brands that are people and people that are brands.  That is, we want to work with brands that are authentic, transparent, and approachable.

On the Martin Septic Services Facebook page, you’ll see exactly what I mean when I talk about being social with social media.  Vince Martin and I work together to bring updates that are as fun as they are useful.  Content covers a wide range of goodies from home improvement to funny pet memes to hot deals.  The fine balance of curating content and providing original content is key and you’ll notice Vince Martin hardly spams about himself or his business so, when he does self-promote, it counts!

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Cats Vs. Dogs – Why Cats Are Awesome Yet Often Misunderstood – PLUS A Poll!

I love all animals but it’s no secret that I have a soft spot for cats.  Here is a brief love letter to cats, the under-appreciated stars of social media and homes around the world.  Don’t forget to take the polls!

Why do we love cats so much?  Maybe it’s the fact that they are not easily won over.  You really have to earn a cat’s love and trust.  Maybe it’s the subtle ways they show their appreciation.  It’s like figuring out a mystery.  I find myself fine-tuning my observation skills just trying to observe our cats.  Maybe it’s simply because they’re just so cute.  Just look at this kitten below, just begging to be rubbed and/or played with!

If you really can’t stand the “cat propaganda” (I’m looking at YOU Kevin..  LOL), scroll down for the poll..  but, really, hear me out.  I have a case to make here! *wink*

Super cute kitten is laying down, ready to play and/or be rubbed!

Cats are independent and self-sufficient.  They’re arguably moody and choosy.  Some consider this a bonus, others feel it simply makes them jerks.  I say they just have more personality than your average dog because, let’s face it: most dogs will be your best friend once you feed them.  For those that think cats have no loyalties or are indifferent, maybe you have trouble forging bonds.  I’ve had cats wait at the door when they accidentally got left outside.  Bloo often knocks on my door just to hang out with me in the man cave, too.

Bloo In A Human Pose | Bloo Says, "Sup."

Bloo chillin’ like a villain.

I have a theory about people that don’t like cats: they are usually people with serious trust issues and/or a huge need to be the center of attention.  Cats have a way of seeing into your soul so, if you have something to hide, chances are you won’t like cats.  So far, it checks out with everyone I know.  One friend whom I love dearly comes to mind: they don’t add people to Facebook unless they vet them first..  And they use alter egos and pseudonyms when they’re online.  They’re the kind of people that freak out when you tag them or mention them in a social share.  That level of paranoia and anti-social behavior surely does not mesh with feline co-habitation!

Kitty says, "Why don't you love me?"

Why don’t you love me? *tilts head*

Here are some links related to weird people who hate cats.  It seems I’m not the only one suspcious of animal haters and cat agnostics!

In my experience, hardcore anti-cat people are abrasive, insecure, paranoid, or just plain annoying.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  Correlation does not equate causation..  Of course, my cats have had a good track record of picking out the really turds in my circles of friends and family.  I feel cats are more connected with the spirit world, emotions, and impending threats..  Most dogs we’ve had just bark at just about anything because, well, they’re lovable dumb creatures like that.

The following is our latest poll on the @GeekyAntics Twitter..  Hopefully it doesn’t break anything!  You should vote for cats on Twitter, too – before it’s too late!

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Join Us To Celebrate Over 2 Years Of Geeky Antics & 100 Episodes!

Gang, we made it!

Over two years of Geeky Antics and 100 episodes of HorsePLAY! LIVE.  We could not have done it without you, our fellow geeks!  All the love, encouragement, donations, shout-outs, recommendations, referrals..  EVERYTHING helps us help others in their pursuits of passion, creativity, and geekdom.  Thank you!

NEW!  Text and call us at (646) 801-2149 – our new hotline!

100 episodes is a big milestone for any podcast so we HAVE to celebrate this feat with HorsePLAY! LIVE.  In this article, you’ll find some of our old videos (be sure to scroll all the way and click the “Read More” link), graphics you can use on your web site, and things we have coming up for Geeky Antics Network Global!  As part of our celebration, we’ll be bringing back the segment “Obi On The Podi” and bringing in everyone possible for a community call / crazy train wreck.  We hope you can join us for the live broadcast on Twitch!

HorsePLAY! LIVE started as yet another gaming podcast, with heavy focus on MOBAs (particularly League Of Legends), console wars, and strategy games.  Since those humble origins, we’ve become the voice of the Geeky Antics Network and our awesome community, affectionately called “The GANG”.  These days, we categorize our show as a comedy but, really, it’s all about having fun and discussing all things geek.  Geek culture..  That really needs to be a category on iTunes.  We hope you can join us this week, whether it’s your first time or not!

HorsePLAY! LIVE Podcast - Episode 100 Celebration - November 12th 2015

Can’t join LIVE?  E-mail or leave us VM at 206-415-4987. Tweet @GeekyAntics, @ObioneX2 and @Yogizilla. We’ll be celebrating HorsePLAY! LIVE and Geeky Antics Network milestones alike throughout the rest of the year… Especially since, technically, episode 103ish would be our official two-year milestone.  w00t!

If you dig podcasts, be sure to check out our Podcasts page and menu, right here on, and the official GeekyAntics YouTube channel.  You can also check out our GANG show/event schedule, which we try to keep updated but usually fail at because reasons.  Now for some of the break-throughs we are celebrating!


COMING SOON To Geeky Antics Network Global

We’re building the GeekyAntics Network to go beyond typical podcast networks and media outlets.  Our goal is to set up automated and manual systems to help everyone grow their brand, maximize social media, and establish consistent, sustainable results.  We want to go beyond the “set it and forget it” mentality that a majority of online marketers have.  By working together and engaging in authentic, meaningful interactions, we are not only growing our individual brands but also forging relationships and inspiration to last a lifetime.  Remember: you are not alone.

There are lots of features and talents we’re working with to give content creators options and build G.A.N.G. (Geeky Antics Network Global) to be a one-stop shop for anyone looking to get into the gaming industry, writing, streaming, and/or podcasting.  Many of us have been in the field for many years and now we’re working together to lighten our individual workloads and stay motivated.  Here are some of the things in the pipelines:

  • New GeekyAntics Foundry feed with syndicated and exclusive podcasts.
  • GANG Minis feed with shorter podcasts and non-weekly shows.
  • Affordable podcast hosting alternatives for friends on PodBean, Podomatic, Libsyn, Spreaker, etc.
  • Managed services for podcasters and streamers including promotions, SEO, coaching, and social media management.
  • Branded short links and e-mail aliases to lend more credibility and trust to our independent contributors.
  • Custom reports, analytics, and insights formatted to provide actionable data, not mere numbers.
  • More premium services (including web design/optimization, graphic design, ghostwriting, copyediting, etc.) and referral directory!
  • …And other goodies to bring our friends unique, remarkable content and help content creators grow!

Community Favorite HorsePLAY! LIVE Episodes

JanelNo5 reacts to Bloo the Kitten (and unofficial GeekyAntics mascot)!

Choice Chamber beta interview with Michael Molinari of Studio Bean!

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2014 recap and The Walking Dead talk.

Net neutrality, Comcast sucks, and miscellaneous rants and raves!

Hearthstone first expansion, Curse Of Naxxramas, HYPE!

The ZombieCast HorsePLAY! LIVE mash-up show – with Shawn Freeman & Matt Bradford!

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