SATURDAY NOON ET: A #DoctorWho Podcast: What Do You Fear?

SATURDAY NOON ET: GANG’s #DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 5

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Are you afraid of the dark?

Does fear hold you back or strengthen you?

What are your greatest fears?

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Yomar Lopez

Yogi got the Beats by Dre

Stan Faryna

Geeky Stan - OMG Face

Listen to Episode 4 and ponder the Doctor like you never pondered him before.

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Part Two: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode Four (#TWTT EP 4.5)
Part Three: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode Four Extra (#TWTT EP 4.X)


Road Rage of Aquarius by @StartYourNovel

Road Rage of Aquarius


by John Magnet Bell

John Magnet Bell

Karl Kustom Corvette Coupe 1960 Style 2

You drive too fast, Malcolm, and you hate everyone. You refuse to acknowledge this is a problem. 

“Shut up, car,” said Malcolm.

Warning: You’ve exceeded your monthly minutes of manual driving. Lock steering wheel in 3, 2…

“Override. 4167 B.”

Warning: Seven manual-drive vehicles detected.

Malcolm’s middle finger itched already.



Yes, I got my title from The 5th Dimension song, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in” and yes, I watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin and had a good laugh, loved that they included this song at the end of the movie.

The astrological Age of Aquarius is the age of electricity, computers, democracy, humanism, rebellion, nervous disorders…

… I look forward to the Age of Capricorn.

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About John Magnet Bell

John is a professional translator, writer and photographer. He writes about writing and he writes unconventional flashes of fiction at his website, Start Your Novel. Why? John explains his passion here.

Twitter: @StartYourNovel
Google+: JMBell
Website: Start Your Novel

Please support John so that he can keep writing epic prompts! You can buy his shocking art at society6:

The Next Step by John Magnet Bell

The Next Step by John Magnet Bell


Best Ever #DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time E4 with @yogizilla @faryna

Best Ever Doctor Who Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 4 with @yogizilla @faryna

Doctor, who?!

In Episode TWTT 4, we gave a nod to the humor but struggle to find a deeper idea in Doctor Who Episode 3, Robot of Sherwood. We gladly shared some of the comments you left on YouTube for TWTT Episode 3, then played awesome submissions for the #SoftKitty song contest. Oh, heck yes, we got a beat down from the new software as we attempted to stream to

Tune in Saturday, September 20th at noon ET (Saturday, September 13) for a friendly live chat experience of TWTT Ep. 5 on or

September 20th. Noon. That’s 9am for the U.S. West Coast, 5pm for London and 7pm, Bucharest. [Read more…]

Best Ever DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 3 with @yogizilla @faryna

Best Ever DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 3 with @yogizilla @faryna

What is Doctor Who? Doctor who?! In Episode 3, we catch noobs up with some explanations. We go deeper into Doctor Who Episode 2, Into the Dalek. We share some of the comments you left on YouTube. We play our first submission for the Soft Kitty song contest. We also share fantastic news. 

Tune in Saturday 9am ET (Saturday, September 13) for a friendly live chat experience of TWTT Podcast Episode 4 on or

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Flash Fiction: Elyria in February by @emmasuzieq

Flash Fiction: Elyria in February by @emmasuzieq


by Emma Harper

Emma Harper

Ketel One

Scott and Lisa rang in their first Valentine’s Day at an all-you-can eat sushi joint in Elyria, Ohio. It was their second date. Lisa took two shots of Ketel One from a dixie cup in the bathroom first to calm her nerves. She felt much better after that.

Scott threw up in the bathroom right after they ordered their food. Lisa thought he had snuck off to ask the waiter to bring a special dessert later on.

Occasionally during dinner Lisa would get self-conscious and purse her lips because she thought it made her face look prettier. Scott thought perhaps she had bitten the inside of her mouth, the poor thing.

Lisa was confused when dessert never arrived. She proposed that they stop for ice cream on their way home because she had gotten herself so set on the idea. Scott figured it was to numb the inside of her cheeks.

They shared mint chocolate chip and coconut and the hope that the other would always find them that beautiful.


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About Emma Harper

Emma Harper, called “incorrigible” by her brothers on repeated occasions, is a writer of short fiction and essays, and a firm believer in hydration.

Twitter: @emmasuzieq


#DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 2 with @MattoMcfly @yogizilla @faryna

Best Ever DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 2 (A SURPRISE Show) with @yogizilla @mattomcfly @faryna

The 12th Doctor is going to rock it or not. If Capaldi doesn’t get the training wheels removed in the next episode, there will be dissent and dismay. But episode two of Season 8 had more than a few surprises beyond a yet limping Capaldi and not least of them, Moffet whipped out the Aristotle and threw down the existential gauntlet.

Tune in Saturday noon ET (9am Los Angeles and 5pm London) for a friendly live chat experience of TWTT 4 on

Inconceivable! The Doctor Who community has more enthusiasm than any other we know. 1,100 Retweets of our latest Twitter post for Episode 2 of the Time-Wimey Tea Time podcast. We’re feeling the love – big time.

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Short Story: The Revelator by @deathofnation

The Revelator

Short Story

by Chris Gannon

Chris Gannon

J.S hurried around the corner, the sound of sirens echoed down the dark, deserted streets behind him. He didn’t mean for it to happen but it just did. Now was not the time to think about that. He had been running since it happened. If he wanted to see Helen again, he had to keep going.

He rounded the next corner. Water splashed as his leg sank into a puddle. It had been raining when it happened. Now, dark ominous clouds stalkedoverhead. The sirens were louder now and J.S could feel their devilish eyes upon him. Quickly he turned and sprinted down an alley. 

His feet slipped on wet newspaper as he rushed down the dark corridor. They must have seen him slip down the alley, because the sirens grew louder and bolder. He had made a grave mistake. It was a dead end. Frantically he looked around trying to find some where to go, some way to escape. The sirens screamed at the end of the alley. 

J.S panicked. They would find him and he would never see the beautiful Helen again. Then he spotted it. Sitting in the far corner of the alley was a dumpster.It’s lid ajar. He dove inside the dumpster. 

He could hear their footsteps running down the alley as he closed the lid and his feet sunk into the rotting filth. The stench of rotting fish and feces punched his nose and stomach. His eyes watered and nose burned. It took all his will power to hold back the revolt in his stomach. At that moment the smell was the least of his worries.

From outside the dumpster he could hear the sounds of the wailing sirens at the mouth of the alley, foot falls quickly getting closer to him and his turning stomach. He slowly opened the lid, just enough that the light could pierce the darkness of the dumpster’s interior. He gently placed his eye to the tiny opening and watched an officer comb the alley. 

The officer turned his flashlight toward the dumpster. The light blinded J.S. and he lost his grip on the lid. The lid fell with a clang. Though he heard no sounds outside the dumpster, J.S knew he had been heard. The officer would find him. He would never lay eyes upon Helen again.

He panicked as the sounds of footsteps outside grew louder. He did the only thing he could do. He began dug down into the grime. His hands carved through the filth like a terrified, burrowing rabbit. Garbage entered his mouth. Rancid smells filled his nose as he raced towards the the bottom of the container.

His hands finally found the rusted bottom. Trying to get his legs under the garbage, he swam horizontally. 

The footsteps outside stopped directly in front of the dumpster. J.S could still feel the humid air touching his bare ankle. It was the only part of his body not hidden by the garbage. He forced himself forward, pushing his face against wet, slimy rancid food.

Above, the officer slowly opened the lid to the dumpster. His gun was drawn. His eyes scanned the surface of the dumpster.

The sound of his pounding heart was louder in his ears now than when he was running. This was the first time he had stopped running since it happened. He wondered if the officer could hear his heart pound.

The memories rushed back to him – whether or not he was ready for them.

He had been home all day drinking beer and watching TV. It’s what he did everyday. Ever since the plant closed and he had been laid off. Then Helen had come home. Oh beautiful Helen. 

He had met Helen in Paris two years ago. It was love at first sight.

How could he not love Helen? Her hair flowed like a golden river. Her porcelain doll face was beautiful and fragile. She had the body and soul of a goddess. 

She had come home that day, nervous, frustrated and angry. She was disappointed in him. He was being a bum and doing nothing with his life. With their life. She shouted at him as he sat there in his grubby apathy and disinterest. J.S. tried to keep his cool through her shouts and insults. He tried to diffuse the situation as the best he could – by sitting there calmly and unflinchingly. Then she smacked him across the face. 

That sent him over the edge. He snapped. He remembered screaming at her and grasping her neck with both hands. Her eyes grew wide with shock. 

He applied more pressure. Her white fragile face slowly became the color of  ripe apples. She gasped hard for breath as he applied more pressure. Her face was now purple, her eyes red with blood. 

Other worldly sounds escaped from her lips. J.S applied all his pressure. There was a slight snap as J.S felt the bones of her neck crack like chicken bones. Her body went limp. 

J.S loosened his grip. Her body fell to the ground. Staring down at his hands, tears streamed down his face. His eyes focused on her lifeless body. It was slumped over unnaturally, her neck was in the shape of the letter N. He ran to the bedroom. Then back into living room. Then he ran out the door. The maid must have found her body shortly after. Someone must have seen him running down the street. The sirens followed not long after – searching for him with their unrelenting noise.


J.S was back in his skin. At the bottom of the dumpster. The officer had slammed down the dumpster lid. 

Minutes passed like hours. Finally he crawled upward and his face hit the hot humid air as he breached the surface. 

He opened the lid. The officers were gone, the sirens trailed off with their increasing distance. He climbed out and puked. Above, the dark vulture-like clouds seemed to circle.

This was it, J.S’s last chance to see Helen. He ran hard. Out of the alley and down the road. Around a corner, down a few blocks and around another corner. He was almost there. 

He knew Helen would be there waiting for him. His paced quickened as he darted down the sidewalk. He could see the river ahead. Only a few more feet.The sky became black.

He stopped and caught his breath for a moment. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a gun. Tears began running down his face. The sound of sirens returned and grew louder. Someone must had seen him running. But there was nothing they could do to stop him from joining Helen. They would be too late.

Tears still streaming down his face, he opened his mouth and inserted the barrel of the pistol. His finger found the cold metal trigger. It wouldn’t be long before he would see Helen’s smiling face.The clouds grew darker. The sirens grew louder still. J.S calmly closed his eyes.

There was a crack of lightning and the rumble of thunder. J.S felt his body hit the ground. He could hear the sirens still coming. Then there was nothing.

J.S slowly opened his eyes. The bright blue sky and bold, shining sun were almost blinding. He stumbled forward to the edge of the river. Helen was standing there waiting for him.


The Revelator

The Revelator

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About Chris Gannon

When not writing about games, Chris is playing them, talking about them or reading about them. Aside from video games and Doctor Who, his time is spent with his beautiful fiance, family and friends. His other hobbies include Magic the Gathering, cooking, DC comics, movies, podcasts, and reading fiction novels.

Chris Gannon is executive games editor and co-founder of Gaming Death.

Twitter: @deathofnation
Google+: deathofnation
Website: Gaming Death

#DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 1 with @yogizilla @deathofnation @faryna

Best Ever Doctor Who Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Ep. 1 with Yomar Lopez, Chris Gannon and Stan Faryna


The 12th Doctor is going on. We’re in past episode two and some already love Peter Capaldi. Others are waiting to see if he can be the better man. Or, more precisely, Gallifreyan.

 Really? But it’s just a TV show. What does it have to do with me?

Maybe, everything. Or not.

Time-Wimey Tea Time Recap

This episode, Yomar Lopez, Chris Gannon and Stan Faryna talk about lots – why Doctor Who is important, the problematic of a brow-beaten Doctor, the enthusiasm of the Doctor Who community for Tea Time and people’s hopes for a brave, new Doctor.  

Chris Gannon of The Gaming Death Podcast talks about how he got hooked on Doctor Who.

“My first introduction with Doctor Who… there’s this goofy looking British guy in a long leather trench coat and this really hot blonde being attacked by plastic mannequins and I was like, what is this, this is cheesy and weird and super smart and really funny, entertaining.”
Stan Faryna talks about the kind of Doctor he wants Capaldi to be (on air and off).
“In these times of brutal violence, savage sexuality and a want of leadership, Doctor Who must be a counter cultural champion. He must be an antidote to materialistic delusions, the happy-faces of a me-first false consciousness, and easy platitudes of self-deceit.

Doctor Who does not let it flow. He doesn’t go with the flow. He turns the tide, he rejects the incompleteness of human thinking and the darkness of the human heart as it is embodied in alien or other threats, and, thereby, he helps us see the bigger picture. The Doctor helps us see beauty. That’s his job.
But not just beauty. He helps us to see good that we may do good. He helps us to know the truth that we may live out truth. That’s who the Doctor is. Clara’s courage, obviously, can’t compete with that. And Moffat shouldn’t even try to make her compete with that who-ness.
It’s a disservice to Clara.”
Yomar Lopez shares some of the love we’re getting on YouTube.
Keep it going. Best Doctor Who podcast ever!

– Lissa Lisse
Rock on

– Sophie Davis
Nobody I know likes Doctor Who. I’m glad I found you guys
– Ken
Siento como que estoy saliendo con mis mejores amigos

– Pepa Farra

Listen to the podcasts and feel the magic happen.

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How I made a Million streaming my game on Twitch @GeekyAntics #zombies

How I made a million streaming my game on Twitch


by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna & The Blue Sky - Stan The Marketing Man!

“How about six,” asked Anca.
“No,” replied George in private chat.
“Six incoming.”
“we don’t want it.”

“Make that a train.”
“No trains. Take it somewhere else.”
George switched out his sniper rifle for an AK74. He opened fire from a fire escape and took down a dozen wild dogs on Anca’s heels. The sound was deafening. The online audience (the stream) watching George’s game on Twitch complained loudly.
Kitty Karla (Moderator): “Snap – my ears are bleeding!”

Charly Gainsbourg (Subscriber): A little advance warning would be nice.

Grey Kim (Super Fan): “Thanks for blowing out my speakers.”

Matthias Müller (OP): !Songrequest GOTCHA247CH1

Sebastien Nobunaga (Heroic Fan): Sniper 9 O Clock. Window with white shutters.

MiniMe: Sebastien Nobunaga has earned one achievement point.
“Sorry about that,” George replied in stream as he switched back to his sniper rifle and fired at a shadow in a sixth floor window across the alley.
The shadow dropped and the kill was confirmed by the experience gain.
George’s face and naked upper body appeared in a pop up window on the stream view. He looked just like his game avatar – a sexy, bad ass with a strong jaw. Under his bottom lip, a spiderman spider tattoo looked like it was crawling up toward his mouth. George winked, gave two thumbs up and the pop up disappeared.
George Sketch Crop
“Good spotting,” George told the stream.

In the alley below, John called out the formations. BMZ1, KFA2, and Flame On. Anca pushed through the firing lines and kept going. She wasn’t sticking around for this train wreck.
“No woman, no cry,” George told the stream.

MiniMe, an automated stream bot, translated John’s commands in George’s stream:
BMZ1: Shotguns in front and on knees
KFA2: Klashnikov’s Full Auto
Flame On: Flame Throwers gear up
Cyprus Hill’s song, Insane in the Membrane, started to play in stream as the crowd of zombies lurched forward into the alley. George raised his arms and swayed to the music.Down below, the shotguns and klashnikovs roared as zombie corpses piled up.Sleazy, another automated stream bot, texted George’s stream subscription details:
1-Subscriber: 5 Euro/Month
2-Super Fan: Subscription + Total Donations of 300 Euro in past three months [benefits]
3-Heroic Fan: Subscription + 10 Achievements in past three months [benefits] 4-Legendary: Subscription + Total donations >500 Euro; >20 Achievments [benefits]
5- OP: Subscription + Total Donations >1000 Euro and >100 Achievements [benefits]
6- Troll: Subscription and >20 Penalties
Shouts of OOA (Out of Ammo) flooded the battle group channel.

Three Flame Throwers moved to the front as the rifle and shotgun teams fell back. Like a growling river of mud, zombies climbed over their fallen and continued to pour into the alley.

“LOVE NEVER FAILS,” shouted John.

“FOH – stand together! Stand strong. This ain’t a MOBA. This game – it don’t get more real than now.”

Three arching streams of fire poured into the advancing river of the dead.
Spambot played it’s message because two noobs joined the stream in the last five minutes:

Welcome to Georgie’s Pudding and Pie experience. George Eliade is number two in Fire of Heaven’s 6th Division – Special Forces. Noobs get one free hour of stream. After that, the money talk and gawkers walk.    
Follow Georgie on his pimp adventure through an epic wonderland of zombies, pole dancers and fat loots. Check out Georgie’s website and get to know the dude that you wish you were. Or were with – if you know what I mean.

Shots rang out from the other end of the alley. 

“Catch 22,” John texted to the battle group.
“WTF,” shouted George.
“Bitches be sneaking up on us and where the fuck is our exit spotter?!”
George read and listened to the audience feedback in the stream:
Eat Joe (Troll): Someone want touch your pee pee.

Trollbot: Eat Joe has earned a penalty. (298)

Noob FRPA54:  FUBAR. Run Forest, Run!

Noob USNY702: Any babes in the lurk? Send me your pic. I’ll send you mine.

Trollbot: Noob USNY702 has to pay a 5 Euro creepy fine to continue posting.

Trollbot: Noob FRPA54 has refused to pay a 5 Euro fee for posting a public link.
Below, the roaring streams of flame petered out. They were out of fuel. OOF.
“You like suspense,” George asked his stream.

“If you like it and you know you like it, you know what you gotta do.

51,712 of you in the stream. You know how this works. 500 Euro to see what happens next.
This ain’t no MOBA, bitches. Ante up for an epic story!”
The stream went black for a second. Then the lolita version of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony appeared in the streaming video. She flitted around a pot of gold: 12 year old face with super-sized, cutie eyes, rainbow colored hair, body of a Hustler model, mini skirt and under-sized tee shirt with a small rainbow over her heart.
A shiny red donate button on the side of the pot glowed like it was radioactive.
The numbers (just above the pot) increased sluggishly in 5 Euro increments.
George narrated the action.

“John’s holding a briefcase over his head. You all know what that is, don’t you?Anyone?
More zombies incoming. You know the law of Epic game challenge! 40x-2p/3+6.”
Text and voices flooded the stream.
Kitty Karla (Moderator): “No Way!!! Are you taking legendary briefcase nuke?”

Sergio Brown (Subscriber): Briefcase nuke? Really? Who drops that?

Eat Joe (Troll): John is a traveling dildo salesman?

Trollbot:  Eat Joe has earned a penalty. (299)

Janelle Tarts (Super Fan): “Sergio – the Senator drops the briefcase nuke.” 

MiniMe: Janelle Tarts has earned one karma point.
The numbers above the pot of gold increased.
250. 255. 305. 320. 420. 515.
“GOAL,” George shouted in Stream.
Rainbow Dash raised her arms in victory, pushed out her chest and took a grand bow as the view of George’s game resolved in the stream video.
Below, John led the exodus of the 30 person battle team with the briefcase held high over his head. The ten person Player Killer team that had wanted to ambush John’s battle group held their rifles at rest as John’s team exited the alley. They didn’t want to die. Death in this game was permanent and there was no way of avoiding death if John blew them all up with a nuke.
Meanwhile, zombies spilled over the top of the burning wall of crispy corpses. Big and tall zombies. Small and thin zombies. Yellow and white, crusty faces animated in their anguish and hunger for human proteins. Their clothes burned as they slid, tumbled and crawled down the burning pile of the first zombies that went into the alley.
George looked down at a barrel beside him and spoke to the stream:

“I could drop the barrel bomb and clear those zombies. Or I could let them crush that Plater Killer team.
The decision is yours.
Vote 1 for me to give the ass hats a break? Vote 2 so we kick back and watch the carnage. Vote 3 if you want me to make the call.
You got 60 seconds to cast your vote.”


This story was inspired by the Geeky Antics 24+ hour live streaming event on Twitch and with @Yogizilla and @Obionex2. Special thanks also to SoldierismLynnieBear23, TheKittyKate, BFT9000eru12@spathizilla, @Janelno5, @Asmodeus33, @Fedporo, @Racingjon, @deathofnation, @MattoMcFly, and everyone else that hangs out at Geeky Antics on Twitch and here at the website.

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About Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna is writing an epic novel. All of the world is crumbling like unrepaired, ancient walls but 18 year old gamer, PVP champion, zombie killer, blogger and serial entrepreneur John Dionysius finds the woman who he’s been dreaming about all of his life – a dream in which she is murdered as he watches helplessly from the eyes of a child.

Twitter: @Faryna
Facebook: Faryna.FanPage
Google+: +StanFaryna
Website: The Unofficial Blog of Stan Faryna

Everything you need to know about #DoctorWho for Season 8

Everything you need to know about #DoctorWho for Season 8

The 12th Doctor stars in the Doctor Who Season 8 kick off on Saturday (23 August) at 7:50 ET on BBC America.

Who cares, right?

Just in time for the long-awaited episode, titled Deep Breath, Yomar Lopez and Stan Faryna chat about Doctor Who on Episode Zero of Timey-Wimely Tea Time.What is Doctor Who?Doctor, who?Yogizilla and Faryna make a fun, sincere and thoughtful romp through the history, hype and awesome of the 50 year old sci-fi tv series. Check it out. If you want Lopez and Faryna to do more Timey-Wimey Tea Time, be generous with the likes and comments on YouTube.
Part 1
Part 2