AM Audio Media Interviews With Rikki Wright & Andrew Chalmers!

It’s finally here – the AM Audio Media interview with Rikki Wright and Andrew Chalmers!

If you’re not familiar with the fine folks behind the Doctor Who Dark Journey radio drama, check out the embedded #TWTT video or podcast below.  You can also visit the official AM Audio Media web site, home to delicious Doctor Who fandoms.  Skip ahead for breaking news from our friends at AMAM and the interview double-header.  It’s FANTASTIC!

As some of you know, I had a recent hard drive crash right after one of my computers started to act up.  We’ve been recovering from the losses but fortunately we had backups an the support of fine folks like Mike T.  He’s even sending us some new Doctor Who sound bits to use on our soundboard and post-productions.  The one and only MA Tamburro also added some breaking Whovian news that is somewhat exclusive so – YAY!

BTW We’re planning a launch of Series 2 of Dark Journey at the end of the month if you’d like to mention that to your listeners. We’d love to be on the show at some point in June and intro a full new episode.

So it turns out we are posting these interviews right on time, after all (PHEW).  Stand by…  AM Audio Media nterviews warping in!

Doctor Who Dark Journey HD Wallpaper - 1920x1280 - Art By SJA 2015

Download this FREE Doctor Who HD wallpaper, courtesy of AM Audio Media!

I’ve always been a fan of third person games, from the Doom and Duke Nukem era through Goldeneye through to current incarnation of the Grand Theft Auto series.  I like driving games too so when you combine them into something like Driver or Getaway, that’s what really cranks my chain… or floats my boat or… erm… let’s just say I’m particularly fond of them.  ~Rikki Wright a.k.a. “Just Fred”

Three Pantomimes & Interchangeable Pertwee Head Scarecrows

TWTT:  Before we get into your work with Dark Journey, tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do for fun, for example?
Rikki Wright:  For fun, I run marathon’s to raise money for various charities, I am an activist for certain group that promotes freedom of speech but who shall remain “anonymous”, and I actively get involved in the rescue of puppies from illegal dog fighting rings.  Really?  No, not really.  I rarely leave the comfort of my Lazy-Boy recliner where I spend most days as close to horizontal as possible while watching reruns of 1980’s game shows, eating cheesies and scratching myself with a medium sized stick (interestingly I found that a large stick whilst providing greater coverage was too heavy and hence required a greater consumption of cheesies to generate the energy to use properly).  Really?  Also no, not really.  The reality is almost less interesting than both of those extremes.  As a father of 2, I spend most of my “spare” time running kids from swimming lessons to hockey practice and birthday parties.  I am on the board and coach at my local rugby club and in those rarest of moments when I do find time for myself, I pretend to be an actor both on stage, on camera and in the case of Doctor Who Dark Journey, behind a microphone.  Occasionally I turn my pen towards paper and have written (and produced) three pantomimes. 
What does Doctor Who mean to you?  Does it have a special place in your heart?
As a child growing up in the 80’s in England, Doctor Who was quite popular and so when I think of Doctor Who (the classic era) it reminds me of my childhood.  More recently however, with the latest regenerations of the Doctor, it reminds me that my wife often goes to bed much earlier than me and thus I get free reign to watch whatever I want on TV!  Mixed emotions then.
EDITOR’S NOTE:  I know the feeling well..  My family hogs up the big screen TV..   But, on a positive note, I got my anti-sci-fi wife mildly interested in Doctor Who – it’s a start!
How did you come to be involved with the Dark Journey radio drama?
I became involved in Dark Journey after answering a casting call I came across online. I auditioned over the phone reading from a play I performed in when I was about 15 years old… so just a few years ago.
What is your fondest memory of recording with the cast (thus far)?
Andrew and I share a very similar sense of humour (or as he would pronounce it “youmer”) – recording with the cast was always a challenge as Andrew and I would crack jokes (often with double entendres providing the punchlines).  The challenge was always continuing recording after a good giggle and trying to keep a straight face.  I’d regularly have to close my eyes or turn away from Andrew to avoid making eye contact and cracking up again.  Unprofessional… maybe! I will not miss the small and overly warm recording studio that somehow managed to create the most unusual smells with no apparent source material.
Who is your favorite Doctor?   Least favorite?
I have a romanticised idea of liking the third doctor Jon Pertwee because of another TV character he played on Worzel Gummidge (a scarecrow with interchangeable heads!) I really should go back and watch some of the episodes from that era, particularly as he is often compared to the current Doctor Peter Capaldi whom I have a difficult time warming to.  If I were to pick a favourite Doctor (who I can actually remember clearly), without a doubt it would be Tennant. In terms of least favourite Doctor, I will probably be lambasted for this but I didn’t like Matt Smith, too quirky and full of self importance… although that could describe most Doctors.

Did you enjoy Robot of Sherwood? Did you find Robin Hood or the Doctor immature here?   Why do you think the twelfth Doctor dislikes merriment and legends/heroes?
I did enjoy the Robot of Sherwood episode, I actually thought it showed the Doctor at his most vulnerable and went a long way for me to getting me to like Capaldi.  Capaldi is a very straight forward, no-nonsense Doctor and as such has no time to entertain the fancies of pretty young girls (i.e. legends and heroes).  However, once he realised that his stark critical assessment of “myths” wasn’t carrying any weight with Clara, off he set on a battle of wits that pitted Hood against Who.  Hilarious, but really showed that the cold Doctor does care what others think, maybe not that he cares what they think of him but that he cares of what they think of what he thinks.?!??!
In a battle of wits and no gadgets involved, who wins: Sherlock, the Doctor…  Or Batman?   Why?
The Doctor has the benefit of intergalactic, interdimensional knowledge from the beginning to the end of time… erm, need I say more?
What would you like to see in a Doctor Who or Sherlock themed game?
A gritty storyline that develops and puzzles more as the game progresses.
Are there any video or tabletop games you have enjoyed lots of the years?  Is narrative important to you in  a video game?
I’ve always been a fan of third person games, from the Doom and Duke Nukem era through Goldeneye through to current incarnation of the Grand Theft Auto series.  I like driving games too so when you combine them into something like Driver or Getaway, that’s what really cranks my chain… or floats my boat or… erm… let’s just say I’m particularly fond of them.
What would you like to see in a proper Doctor Who game?   Would you prefer a focus on mystery, action, adventure, puzzle solving, dialogue, and/or open world game play?
In a “proper” Doctor Who game, I would love to see an open world(s) game play where puzzle’s and mystery’s can be undertaken at any time in any order but with some interdependencies, i.e. something you learn as a result of completing one puzzle will be used to complete another puzzle…Have you played Doctor Who Legacy?
Not yet… am downloading as I type this though…What other creative projects are you working on or have worked on recently?
Stage – Short play “The Officiant” as part of a First Stage series, Jack and the Beanstalk (pantomime – I wrote, produced and starred as Jack’s idiot brother Simon)
Film/TV – Close Encounters Season 2 Episode 11 : Case – Holy Cow (played PC Alan Godfrey in an infamous UFO sighting), played a security guard in a reenactment of a famous gold heist in a National Geographic documentary The Quest for Gold, plus a few student shorts
Audio – Radio Project X (sketch comedy for the radio recorded with a live studio audience), of course Doctor Who Dark Journey (Series 1 and 2)

WHOLOCK - Roy Miranda as Sherlock Holmes in Doctor Who "Dark Journey"

WHOLOCK – Roy Miranda as Sherlock Holmes in Doctor Who “Dark Journey”

Dark Journey is your favourite Doctor Who infused with classic Sherlock Holmes but with a sexier, mysterious and darker edge. It will resonate with anyone who enjoys a good story. More adult, more supernatural and the stakes are higher as the Doctor is on his last regeneration.  ~Andrew Chalmers (That Other Doctor)

Andrew Chalmers & MA Tamburro Form Like Voltron..  And Chase Ghosts

TWTT:  Before we get into your work with Dark Journey, tell us a bit about yourself and your team members.  What do you do for fun, for example?

Andrew Chalmers:  For the past 45 years I have been a semi professional Ghost Chaser. I see them, chase them around, usually at night. Recently I caught one and discovered that it was his job to chase me. This ghost job switch explained why I hadn’t earned any money in 45 years. He was full time with benefits, well benefits apart from death of course. He drove away in a Ghost Mercedes so he must be doing well.

MA Tamburro and I form the mighty AM AUDIO MEDIA. A and M are our initials and we are looking for a Harry so we can be HAM AUDIO MEDIA. In fact anyone listening to me as the Doctor might argue that we’ve already achieved this ambition. If you live in either of our homes you will probably have heard of us. Or ask our wives…..they definitely know about AM AUDIO Media, 24/7.

We exist because of a fantastic cast (Roy, Larissa, Kate, Ricki, Adrienne, Ben, Atweh and Paul) and this has grown to include artists who have contributed spell binding art work for Dark Journey. It has been a real joy to receive such fantastic works of art from wonderfully talented individuals. On many occasions it has been a real boost when the going gets tough. We also have a great group of web and fan sites who have taken a real interest in what we do. Once again, incredibly motivating.

We’ve also been incredibly lucky to have great sound dudes such as Clayton, Josh and Kevin. Without their vision, soundscapes and brilliance we ain’t got diddly.

Who is your favorite Doctor?   Least favorite?

My least favourite Doctor is “Doctor, Doctor..give me the news, I gotta bad case of loving you”. You know something? I wrote that and instantly thought “very few people are going to get it?” but I don’t care. It’s a great answer, second only to “Oh yeah?….well don’t bring sandwiches to a BBQ Mister!” or “I didn’t realize the fruit was fresh but I will put my pants on now”.

I do think there is too much of the “what’s your least favourite Doctor” and you know what?…they’re all great and generally I never mock anyone when I own their action figure. It just gets out of control. Just the other day I received an e-mail from Sylvester McCoy telling me that I was his least favourite fan who ever wore pink socks and played Monopoly in Leeds. Fair enough, I said. To be fair he doesn’t own an action figure of me so it’s all good.

We should be asking questions such as “Which Doctor would you scuba dive with?” or “If you had to hire a Doctor to be a plumber who would you pick?” Now we’re talking, or typing or in your case, reading.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Okay, okay..  You got us: what we *really* want to know is which Doctor would you rather have cook for you?  Which one do you think can hold his alcohol best?  We reckon Matt Smith has the best food tastes but may be too much of a bumbling-yet-loveable idiot to fix up a proper meal..  Or be a good pub pal…  Thoughts, anyone?

TBH…my least favourite Doctor is the Dark Journey Doctor. Very poor screen presence.

Give us your 30 second elevator pitch for why everyone needs to check out Dark Journey.   Also, who would you say the story will resonate most with?

Dark Journey is your favourite Doctor Who infused with classic Sherlock Holmes but with a sexier, mysterious and darker edge. It will resonate with anyone who enjoys a good story. More adult, more supernatural and the stakes are higher as the Doctor is on his last regeneration.

What happens after the Doctor dies?

What is the demonic force behind Jack the Ripper?

Why did the Doctor really leave Gallifrey?

And who or what is the ‘Legend of the Beast’?

Who the Hell is Fred?

Award winning acting, fantastic sound design, a brilliant version of the Who theme. You will hear things that you would never see on television. Yeah? For the fans, by the fans and get this….’you’ are an audio drama addict. You just don’t know it yet. You will when you listen to Doctor Who Dark Journey.

Damn…..I’ve missed my floor…

What inspired you to do a Doctor Who radio drama?   Why specifically audio?

Mike was the inspirational driving force behind doing the radio drama. I am the driving force behind all of the other  drama. I had completed the original script ‘Blood Oath’ years ago as a ‘spec’ script for the Canadian Film School but not for audio at all. What would be the point? I’m a visual writer. Why? Well you can ‘see’ all my plot holes. It was envisaged  as a Tennant romp as he was the current Doctor back then. Then i thought “why not have The Doctor on his last life?” The source material inspired darkness and the supernatural, so that was a natural progression. It was a 50 minute episode and I’m very proud of the fact that when we had to edit it into 5 x 10 minute audio episodes the cliff hangers were already there. I didn’t have to write any new ones. And they flowed and grew in dramatic stance. I think cliff hangers should grow stake wise as the story progresses. Ours seem to which was, and is great. Mike has quite an extensive background in audio having done various comedy and satirical pieces over the years. The one thing he hadn’t done was an actual story and being a big Who fan, well..from there it just rolled out like a drunken uni-cyclist.

MIKE:  “Let’s do an audio drama thing?”

ANDREW:  “Sure, not Doctor Who though”.

MIKE:  “What about your Doctor Who script?”

ANDREW:  “No.”

MIKE:  “You can be the Doctor?”

ANDREW:  “When do we start?”

EDITOR’S NOTE:  LMAO..  That’s how we make all our decisions here on the GeekyAntics network!  Though we usually use food as bribes.

Sherlock and the Doctor get along surprisingly well even though they’re both alphas.  Is this dynamic modeled after the ideal Doctor or any specific companion-Doctor relationship?

Not really. I think their dynamic and performance was fueled by my friendship (which began a mere 10 minutes before recording started incredibly) with Roy Miranda who brings a more classic 18th century Holmes to life big time. Even more so in the second series. I also wanted to avoid a Holmes following the Doctor around like a lost puppy scenario. He’s an impressive intellect and they both take turns leading the way. The Doctor certainly feels he can confide in Holmes although he is still guarded. This certainly continues with dramatic consequences in the 6 episodes (this may soon change) of Series 2. Oh….it’s now 7 episodes. Told ya. 

Oops, might be 10+ now.  Sorry for slacking on publishing the interview, friends.  ~Yomar

Who are some of your favorite companions and, from a storytelling perspective, what’s important for you there?

Well….the obvious choice is Sarah and that would be correct. I feel that that new series has nailed the idea of the companion being more fleshed out. I mean…who do they leave behind? I loved Wilf as a companion. Different angle for telling a story. I don’t think the story has to be ‘end of the world’ type scenarios all the time (AGREED!). They can be intimate like Rory and Amy having marital difficulties. Make it personal and it will resonate with the audience. Or in our case…, Mike and Kevin listening to the stuff 15675353 times. Sorry…Kevin just e-mailed me. It’s 15675354.

In a battle of wits and no gadgets involved, who wins: Sherlock, the Doctor…  Or Batman?   Why?

“Sherlock, the Doctor…  Or Batman?” And somewhere in Hollywood a studio exec jumps up and down and screams “GREENLIGHT!!…Let’s do it in 3-D with a teen cast!”

BORING ANSWER would be The Doctor.

What do you think of Steven Moffat’s antisocial/sociopath portrayal of Sherlock Holmes (according to some very vocal fans)?

I don’t think it’s truly antisocial / sociopathic at all. It’s a stretch really. Eccentric, yes but no one truly antisocial / sociopathic would make the best man speech to Watson would he?

Do you and your team keep up with The Walking Dead?  What do you think of Season 5?  Who is gonna die before the season is over?

We are SLOW, SLOW, SLOW but are fans. We haven’t seen Season 5 yet but I’m hoping it’s a bit more consistent. As for ‘ who is going to die before the season is over?’ In real life?…I’m not sure?….I could check the ‘obits’ but I’m afraid that my name will be in there as the ultimate act of irony.

Does Doctor Who need zombies?   It seems to be the hip thing to do now,  no?  After all, we’ve had vampires already…

It’s getting a bit played out now so Zombies in the typical fashion on Who? No, but if we encounter a group of people who are being ‘zombified’ to become Daleks then sure. Or, in an alternate reality, a race of Zombie type people who encounter a ‘human’ outbreak? Make them the good guys?

Or here’s a belter of an idea….

The Doctor perhaps dooms his race and unwittingly creates ‘Zombified Gallifreyans’ after an experiment to introduce regeneration goes terribly wrong?

You know what? That’s a great idea. You know what? It’s in Season 2 ‘The Age of Banishment’.

We’ve seen that your team and been active on the con circuit.  What are some conventions you’ve been to or would like to attend as panelists or exhibits?  As fans?

We have been very active on the con circuit. Only the other day Michael sold a stale loaf of bread to a lady and told her it was fresh. $1.75 please……KER CHING! So far we have done the Hamilton Comic Con and just recently did the biggie, the Toronto Comic Con. A great 3 days and we even have a few fans it seems! I can’t tell you how incredible and daft it feels to be asked for an autograph but it’s happened a couple of times now. I was nervous to start with as I thought they were money lenders but it’s fine now.

I would like to attend a pod cast con type thing. Like minded folks etc. I love talking and promoting Dark Journey as an exhibitor. Well…we’re all about the vocal aren’t we? Listening on a PC people have the advantage of turning my volume down. At a convention I have a captive audience!


Closing Thoughts From Yomar Of The Timey-Wimey Tea Time Podcast

(Yup, it’s still me!)

Wow, where do I even start.  I can only imagine the fun to be had if we could get the full cat of Dark Journey in a room at the same time.  These guys are a hoot!

I played it safe with the interview questions this time around to save the good stuff for our future podcast and convention romps.  I have to say that, from the very beginning, the folks at AM Audio Media have been friendly, approachable, responsive, and authentic.  These are the types of fans and collaborators we love to consider part of #TheGANG!

We’ll discuss our impressions further on the next episode of the Timey-Wimey Tea Time podcast this Saturday, May 16th 2015 (and bi-weekly thereof, until Doctor Who starts back up, of course).  We’ll also be counting down to the Heroes Of The Storm open beta on May 19th and our thoughts on the latest patch – it’s HUGE!  Lots of geeky stuff to discuss, folks – come join us for tea time chat!

AM Audio Media - Doctor Who Dark Journey Radio Drama Cast

Okay, so who wants to party with these folks? We do, WE DO!

What a fine-looking group of people!  Show these fine folks some love.  Share, comment, listen, and tell some friends.  This is a great opportunity to introduce non-Whovians to Doctor Who; after all, everyone loves Sherlock Holmes!  The audio format was a smart move, too, since audiobooks, podcasts, and radio dramas are easier to keep up with.  We’d love to see a Minecraft mod too…  Just because.

For a full list of the Doctor Who Dark Journey radio drama cast, visit the official AM Audio Media web site.  You can also find these fine folks on the AM Audio Media Facebook fan page and on AM Audio Media On Twitter | Doctor Who Dark Journey Radio Drama.  We often share their stuff on the GeekyAntics Facebook fan page too, because they are like family – we appreciate you!


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