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  • WOW..  2017 is almost over.  Crazy.

    While we have not been keeping up with our editorial calendar and podcasts have scaled back across the board, we’re still going strong with HorsePLAY! LIVE.  Our friends ov […]

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  • Hey Guys,

    My name is Scott and I happily stumbled across this site whilst at work.

    I am a Live Streamer, Gamer, I plan on starting a Youtube channel with some friends and fellow Twitcher’s I love a good beer garden, the odd ciggie.

    Amidst anything I am reaching 24 now and find that friends made through life are slowly disappearing and getting…[Read more]

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  • (Hey, better late than never!)

    It’s almost April and we’re still going with our insane geek awards, the Unicorn Poopies.  Doing the series has allowed us to look back at 2016 and identify some interesting t […]

    • Just heard about the Batgirl movie and guess who is on the project? Joss Whedon! If you don’t know who that is, well, he’s been involved in geek favorites such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV), Firefly (sad face), and a bunch of Marvel stuff since then. He’s had some less-strong stuff like Dollhouse and Angel but, overall, I trust in his creative direction.. And I’m also big on Batgirl so bring it!

      What do you guys think? =oD

      P.S. We ended up doing EP172 of HorsePLAY! LIVE on Friday, March 31st. It’s now up on TuneIn Radio, PlayerFM, Stitcher, Google Play, iTunes, and more. Give it a listen and please review?


    • That’s true but I think some are worse than others.

      I’ve found that Heroes of the Storm is the least toxic because it focuses on teamwork… Overwatch, if you consider it a MOBA, is also pretty chillax because it’s more fast-paced and voice chat isn’t really used (though it’s hidden in there).

      League of Legends is the worst because the gameplay has become so stringent that anyone who deviates from the meta and accepted style of play gets slammed. Players on LoL tend to all think they are better than they really are so they pass the buck. It’s a really bad system and a lot of it is by design.

      Smite on console is refreshingly chill but you get trolls every now and then that will PM you. On PC, it’s arguably more toxic because of how strong elitism is in the PC gaming scene. I suppose it’s all relative but there’s no doubt that LoL is one of the worst.

      Perhaps the simple truth is that competitive games bring out the worst in people because most players are sore losers. No one complains when they win but, when they lose, it’s everyone’s fault but their own (in their minds, at least). I think Blizzard is one of the few companies that has really looked at the mechanics that feed this sort of behavior and addressed the things that make for a more team-focused experience.

      What do you think?

    • I like it too. =o]

    Batman has been kicking some major ass for a few decades now. Even though I’m a die-hard Marvel fan, Batman is by far one of my favorite heroes. Heck, he is one of my favorite […]

    • Superman and Batman are gold but, yeah, Marvel is raking in the money.
      But how about some fresh stuff and new characters? I know you’d like that, Yo.

      • That’s kind of what I was hinting at.. I think DC needs new IP to keep up. Marvel’s universe just feels so much more expansive. The MCU is massive, even without mutants, the X-Men, or anything tangent to that source material.

        I just watched “Teen Titans: Judas Contract” and it reminds me how well DC can craft stories. Their animated stuff is top-notch. I feel compelled to binge watch their other animated film: “Justice League Dark”, “Son of Batman”, “Batman/Superman Apocalypse”, etc. I’ve seen some of them already but they’re worthy of rewatching.

        The cop-out is that the comic/cartoon stories don’t translate well as live action.. but I don’t buy that. You can tone down some of the aspects and ground the story so it’s easier for audiences to suspend their disbelief.

        I mean, people can believe Harry Potter and that world is lacking in depth when it comes to the film adaptations. In it’s purest form, it’s about a hero who only knows a handful of spells and bumbles about while his friends save him time and again. Kind of reminds me of Luke Skywalker and the original Star Wars trilogy. So much wasted potential but the journey is worth it, even if details lack. It’s interesting…

        Really, it makes me wonder how much fantasy is too much. Sci-fi is more grounded in reality and, by design, requires that writers set rules that they must follow consistently. Fantasy gives creative a lot more wiggle room.. So I don’t see how super hero stories are limiting in any format. I’d like someone to help me out here.

        Where’s Chris Gannon when you need him? @GamingDeath 😉

  • We want to thank everyone who has applied to be part of our stream team or contribute in some other way.  This installment of TGM will address what we’re doing on that side so please read on.
    Obi Moves On From […]

    • I hear that. Keep on keeping on, bro.

      • We definitely are!

        Just scaling back some things that are mostly time sinks. Evered and a few engaged team members mentioned doing a “state of the GANG” podcast.. I think we should just get together on Discord and hash things out.

        As for the move some are making to Beam, it’s not the platform.. Streamers tend to not get things beyond video, nor do they take the time to learn how to run a business. That makes collaboration very hard. Most just want to ride our coat tails and get link juice. PASS. lol

        That said, Beam is where Twitch used to be: it’s easier to get partnered, people are raiding and promoting each other, and there’s a better community feel.. But that won’t last long. Like every other streaming platform, it falls apart once it gets saturated and the people you help grow get partnered/popular. It’s a shame and quite silly, really. =oP

    • And he didn’t show up until yesterday…all that cake…wasted T_T!

      • Seriously, cake is only good for about three days. If you refrigerate it, it can get icky.. unless it’s ice cream cake. At room temperature, you get two really good days after initial baking. At three days, it may start getting hard. Five days, you got some crisp. Beyond that, BEWARE – moldy cake isn’t very good. LMAO

        See what you caused, Obi?

        Okay, now let’s give him six months to figure out how to read a blog and scroll down to the comments section. Kappa

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