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Achievement Name Karma Description
Achievement Name Karma Description
A Blog Post Has Been Born! 24

What a beautiful blog post.  Treat this article like a baby: nurture it, show it off, and never neglect it.  It will thank you for your attention.

A Friendly Invitation 42

Helping everyone make new friends is one of our goals here on Geeky Antics.  Thanks for extending a friendly invitation!

A Place To Call Home 10

Everyone needs a place to call home.. You’ve created one such place. Now, who is bringing the honey mustard pretzels??

Banner Of Encouragement 700

You’re a giver, a lover, or maybe just a chatterbox.. Whatever your motives, we appreciate you. Comments provide encouragement and empower others. Thank you!

Break-Fix Forums 23

Sometimes you got to break things in order to fix them… Forums are a living thing, except they don’t scream when you destroy them, which would be very unsettling…

Do Not Disturb 5

That was kinda harsh.. Was the message inappropriate? If so, well, I guess they deserved it.

Fantastic FOURum 40

Four forums..  You are the pioneer of conversations and community – now let’s rally some geeks to contribute to topics!

First Top Is Spinning! 15

Hey, it’s your first topic – AWESOME! You know, the most epic posts are the ones that encourage discussion and are more about the community than you. We think you’re on the right … (more)

Good Friends, Good Advice 10

Hey, your friend had a recommendation and you took a leap of faith..  We hope we don’t disappoint.  Your friend is pretty darn smart and you are AWESOME for joining us!

Group Text 47

Hey, I know what it looks like but it was just texting.. REALLY!

Helloooooo World! 11

Hey, now you have been upgraded from lurker to full-on social geek. Gratz on the ding!

Hurray For Biffies! 50

Biffies, best friends foreverz, they are so cool… YOU are cool. I am glad we are friends!

Introductions & High Fives 22

Cool, now we know more about you.. You should head on over to the forums for some high fives!

Keeping The Peace 50

Sometimes, when a conversation goes to a dark place, it’s best to close a thread and move on.  Keeping the peace – good thinking!

Lookie Here – I’m Active! 60

We’d say one update is a fluke but three, well, that’s active.. Borderline pro status, y0!

Viewing 15 achievements - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)