Minecraft Project gone CLASS(y)?

Browsing Reddit’s r/Gaming subreddit a Minecraft project crossed my screen that is so advanced I had to share with y’all.

This team, over the span on 3-4 years, have put together a fully scaled university.  The thing is done to epic proportions with multiple massive buildings, functioning wings inside of the buildings, on-site outdoor activities, and even a chopper landed on the helipad up top.  After browsing the dynamic map provided in the post – http://play.shirecraft.us:6635/?worldname=Nippopolis&mapname=surface&zoom=3&x=-3429&y=64&z=-4306 (EDITOR some say the platform lags but this is still petty sweet.. Google Earth for Minecraft YO!).  I jumped on Reddit to ask the creator some questions pertaining to a long unfulfilled fantasy to be able to wander the halls of a Hogwarts school, fiddling with things, discovering secret passages, and just plain exploring (aimlessly, no less).

To my surprise to creator stated that they do currently have some embedded Easter eggs and that more are planned to come.  His response:

I do!  There’s an ongoing quest going on within the university in one of the dorms, and there’s a hidden strip-club somewhere along the university subway tracks…

When asked about the possible business related options the maps creator also stated,

Aha, I’ve been asked a few times in the past to commission for Minecraft builds, I have unfortunately denied every one of them though, mostly because I like building in my free time and I don’t like being restricted and having the responsibility of completing a build in a certain amount of time.

No matter what this dev decided to do with this project, I give my kudos to him for such an awesomely executed project!



University Aerial Photo:

Minecraft - Shirecraft - Full Scale University - Overhead View

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  1. I love this because we don’t have enough microcontent. My long-form stuff is tough to stay consistent with and people generally prefer “quick and dirty” stuff. BONUS: this is about Minecraft and this satellite view platform is pretty darn sweet!

    Thanks Kota!

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    Thanks again, GANG! =oD

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