The GANG Minute: 24 Hour Emergency Fundraising Stream

So many great things are going on with the GeekyAntics network.  We’re hitting the front page on web searches, new friends are joining the community every day, potential sponsors are inquiring about our services and advertising deals, and we are attracting awesome special guests like our friends from AM Audio Media (creators of the Doctor Who “Dark Journey” radio drama).  I’m so happy to see people excited about our vision and fresh take on geeky content.

Unfortunately, I can’t celebrate all these wonderful things as my family is going through a really tough time.  My wife’s health is poor, I’m not doing too hot, and unexpected bills keep piling up.  I know everyone has problems and I’m not seeking pitty but, in simple terms, if we don’t raise the funds by Thursday, February 26th, the lights will be cut.  The details are below in my personal vlog on YouTube:

I’ll be doing a 24-hour stream on Monday, February 23rd starting sometime in the evening (can’t set a specific time because of something stupid Twitch did – details to follow).  Some of The GANG will be teaming up with me so we can raise funds and have some fun playing random games.  We’ll be focusing on indie and deckbuilding games including Speedrunners, Lethal League, SolForge, Hearthstone, and Dungeon Of The Endless.  There might be some League Of Legends, Smite, and Heroes Of The Storm (if this backup streaming PC can handle it)!

Twitch is a great platform.  Sadly, Twitch can be stupid, too.

The GeekyAntics Twitch channel got suspended for 24 hours.  There were two people in the chat and both in the chat for less than two minutes.  I know, because I use an IRC client to monitor chat more efficiently (even Chatty and Twitch app have delays).  One of them reported us because we did a brief stream that wasn’t gaming content.  Mind you, the stream went for a mere 15-20m and neither of these individuals (we’ll call them WegaMeek and ToxicKillah34) were in the channel long enough to really size up the show and give it a real shot.

When you get suspended on Twitch, you lose access to EVERYTHING.  Needless to say, this was a huge monkey wrench in the cogs of our plans.  What’s a bigger slap to the face is that there are people streaming mis-categorized and inappropriate content all the time.  As a whole, GeekyAntics puts out several quality, unique gaming-related shows and that should count for something.

But anywho..  That’s just a feather on the pile of poo.  The only thing we can do is keep on pushing forward.  I hope you can help – even spreading the word is a HUGE help!


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