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Social Dozen SESH11 – The BTeam LITE & Vaping Obsessions

By ( #TheGANG)

We go deep on vape culture and how everyone has their vice. Why are some people so against vaping/smoking or pot.. Yet they’ll do one of the others? The simple answer: we all choose our vice and justify it to ourselves somehow.

Due to popular demand, we will start uploading episodes as soon as post-production is complete so current events stay relevant!

YOUR hosts for this AWESOME session:

Chip Cella a.k.a. CaptinChaos, Eli “Sodoom”, and Fred Rojas a.k.a.
Spydersvenom.. Basically, it’s the B-TEam minus a couple of peeps. Norma “Normii477” Late puts on a fresh shirt and joins fashionably late!

TIP OF THE DAY: Just because your boss says it’s okay doesn’t mean it is.. Be wary of traps!

*** TEXT/VM: (201) 762-4256 ***

BUZZ WORDS AND CRAP: Illegal vaping and vape mods. clapton coils are smooth
like a baby’s butt, or so says Sodoom. It’s shorts weather! The Tracer/Overwatch victory pose debacle comes up again. Isn’t it crazy that our society has become so entitled that we make big stinks over stupid things? In video games, whining may bring about change but the real world doesn’t work that way.. What are we teaching future generations by bending to pressure?

“Don’t use this in the bath tub.” Chip

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NSFW EP8 – May 21st 2016 – Extreme Rules Predictions

By (ObioneX2)

Extreme Rules Predictions @TSEobione, @TSE blades, Fortengard, I.B. Loud, talk all things Wrestling. Nxt Hopefulls


â?¦#TheGANG @,,

SMS/VM (646) 801-2149


NSFW is a show where the we are talking about all things wrestling WWE TNA ROH NJPW. So if you would like to join us please do and throw in your 2 cents we are going to let you guys speak your mind as well or answer any questions.

The Card:

â?¢Power Rankings


â?¢Extreme Rules Predictions


Extreme Rules

â?¢World Heavyweight Championship Reigns (F8tl, Obi, Fort) vs AJ Styles

â?¢WWe Womenâ??s Championship Charlotte (F8tl) vs Natalya (Obi, Fort) Ric banned from ringside.

â?¢Intercontinental Championship The Miz (F8tl,) vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro (Obi,fort) vs Sami Zayn (Fatal 4-way)

â?¢Dean Ambrose (Obi, Fort, F8tl) vs Chris Jericho (Asylum Match)

â?¢The Usos (F8tl) vs Bullet Club (Obi, Fort)

â?¢WWE Tag Team Championship The New Day (Fort) vs The Vaudevillains (Obi,F8tl)

â?¢United States Championship Kalisto (F8tl, Obi, Fort) vs Rusev

â?¢Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin (Obi,F8tl, Fort) (No DQ match)

Open discussion and call ins

MATCHES: Each match is worth 1 point

OBI: 71

F8TL: 74

Fort: 70

Any other topics anyone would like us to cover please let us know.


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