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How I made a Million streaming my game on Twitch @GeekyAntics #zombies

How I made a million streaming my game on Twitch

Flash Fiction

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna & The Blue Sky - Stan The Marketing Man!

“How about six,” asked Anca.
“No,” replied George in private chat.
“Six incoming.”
“we don’t want it.”

“Make that a train.”
“No trains. Take it somewhere else.”
George switched out his sniper rifle for an AK74. He opened fire from a fire escape and took down a dozen wild dogs on Anca’s heels. The sound was deafening. The online audience (the stream) watching George’s game on Twitch complained loudly.
Kitty Karla¬†(Moderator): “Snap – my ears are bleeding!”

Charly Gainsbourg (Subscriber): A little advance warning would be nice.

Grey Kim (Super Fan): “Thanks for blowing out my speakers.”

Matthias M√ľller (OP): !Songrequest GOTCHA247CH1

Sebastien Nobunaga (Heroic Fan): Sniper 9 O Clock. Window with white shutters.

MiniMe: Sebastien Nobunaga has earned one achievement point.
“Sorry about that,” George replied in stream as he switched back to his sniper rifle and fired at a shadow in a sixth floor window across the alley.
The shadow dropped and the kill was confirmed by the experience gain.
George’s face and naked upper body appeared in a pop up window on the stream view. He looked just like his game avatar – a sexy, bad ass with a strong jaw. Under his bottom lip, a spiderman spider tattoo looked like it was crawling up toward his mouth. George winked, gave two thumbs up and the pop up disappeared.
George Sketch Crop
“Good spotting,” George told the stream.

In the alley below, John called out the formations. BMZ1, KFA2, and Flame On. Anca pushed through the firing lines and kept going. She wasn’t sticking around for this train wreck.
“No woman, no cry,” George told the stream.

MiniMe, an automated stream bot, translated John’s commands in George’s stream:
BMZ1: Shotguns in front and on knees
KFA2: Klashnikov’s Full Auto
Flame On: Flame Throwers gear up
Cyprus Hill’s song, Insane in the Membrane, started to play in stream as the crowd of zombies lurched forward into the alley. George raised his arms and swayed to the music.Down below, the shotguns and klashnikovs roared as zombie corpses piled up.Sleazy, another automated stream bot, texted George’s stream subscription details:
1-Subscriber: 5 Euro/Month
2-Super Fan: Subscription + Total Donations of 300 Euro in past three months [benefits]
3-Heroic Fan: Subscription + 10 Achievements in past three months [benefits] 4-Legendary: Subscription + Total donations >500 Euro; >20 Achievments [benefits]
5- OP: Subscription + Total Donations >1000 Euro and >100 Achievements [benefits]
6- Troll: Subscription and >20 Penalties
Shouts of OOA (Out of Ammo) flooded the battle group channel.

Three Flame Throwers moved to the front as the rifle and shotgun teams fell back. Like a growling river of mud, zombies climbed over their fallen and continued to pour into the alley.

“LOVE NEVER FAILS,” shouted John.

“FOH – stand together! Stand strong. This ain’t a MOBA. This game – it don’t get more real than now.”

Three arching streams of fire poured into the advancing river of the dead.
Spambot played it’s message because two noobs joined the stream in the last five minutes:

Welcome to Georgie’s Pudding and Pie experience. George Eliade is number two in Fire of Heaven’s 6th Division – Special Forces. Noobs get one free hour of stream. After that, the money talk and gawkers walk. ¬† ¬†
Follow Georgie on his pimp adventure through an epic wonderland of zombies, pole dancers and fat loots. Check out Georgie’s website and get to know the dude that you wish you were. Or were with – if you know what I mean.

Shots rang out from the other end of the alley. 

“Catch 22,” John texted to the battle group.
“WTF,” shouted George.
“Bitches be sneaking up on us and where the fuck is our exit spotter?!”
George read and listened to the audience feedback in the stream:
Eat Joe (Troll): Someone want touch your pee pee.

Trollbot: Eat Joe has earned a penalty. (298)

Noob FRPA54:  FUBAR. Run Forest, Run!

Noob USNY702: Any babes in the lurk? Send me your pic. I’ll send you mine.

Trollbot: Noob USNY702 has to pay a 5 Euro creepy fine to continue posting.

Trollbot: Noob FRPA54 has refused to pay a 5 Euro fee for posting a public link.
Below, the roaring streams of flame petered out. They were out of fuel. OOF.
“You like suspense,” George asked his stream.

“If you like it and you know you like it, you know what you gotta do.

51,712 of you in the stream. You know how this works. 500 Euro to see what happens next.
This ain’t no MOBA, bitches. Ante up for an epic story!”
The stream went black for a second. Then the lolita version of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony appeared in the streaming video. She flitted around a pot of gold: 12 year old face with super-sized, cutie eyes, rainbow colored hair, body of a Hustler model, mini skirt and under-sized tee shirt with a small rainbow over her heart.
A shiny red donate button on the side of the pot glowed like it was radioactive.
The numbers (just above the pot) increased sluggishly in 5 Euro increments.
George narrated the action.

“John’s holding a briefcase over his head. You all know what that is, don’t you?Anyone?
More zombies incoming. You know the law of Epic game challenge! 40x-2p/3+6.”
Text and voices flooded the stream.
Kitty Karla¬†(Moderator): “No Way!!! Are you taking legendary briefcase nuke?”

Sergio Brown (Subscriber): Briefcase nuke? Really? Who drops that?

Eat Joe (Troll): John is a traveling dildo salesman?

Trollbot:  Eat Joe has earned a penalty. (299)

Janelle Tarts (Super Fan): “Sergio – the Senator drops the briefcase nuke.”¬†

MiniMe: Janelle Tarts has earned one karma point.
The numbers above the pot of gold increased.
250. 255. 305. 320. 420. 515.
“GOAL,” George shouted in Stream.
Rainbow Dash raised her arms in victory, pushed out her chest and took a grand bow as the view of George’s game resolved in the stream video.
Below, John led the exodus of the 30 person battle team with the briefcase held high over his head. The ten person Player Killer team that had wanted to ambush John’s battle group held their rifles at rest as John’s team exited the alley. They didn’t want to die. Death in this game was permanent and there was no way of avoiding death if John blew them all up with a nuke.
Meanwhile, zombies spilled over the top of the burning wall of crispy corpses. Big and tall zombies. Small and thin zombies. Yellow and white, crusty faces animated in their anguish and hunger for human proteins. Their clothes burned as they slid, tumbled and crawled down the burning pile of the first zombies that went into the alley.
George looked down at a barrel beside him and spoke to the stream:

“I could drop the barrel bomb and clear those zombies. Or I could let them crush that Plater Killer team.
The decision is yours.
Vote 1 for me to give the ass hats a break? Vote 2 so we kick back and watch the carnage. Vote 3 if you want me to make the call.
You got 60 seconds to cast your vote.”


This story was inspired by the Geeky Antics 24+ hour live streaming event on Twitch and with @Yogizilla and @Obionex2. Special thanks also to Soldierism, LynnieBear23, TheKittyKate, BFT9000, eru12, @spathizilla, @Janelno5, @Asmodeus33, @Fedporo, @Racingjon, @deathofnation, @MattoMcFly, and everyone else that hangs out at Geeky Antics on Twitch and here at the website.

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About Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna is writing an epic novel. All of the¬†world is crumbling like unrepaired, ancient walls but 18 year old gamer, PVP champion, zombie killer, blogger and serial entrepreneur John Dionysius finds the woman who he’s been dreaming about all of his life – a dream in which she is murdered as he watches helplessly from the eyes of a child.

Twitter: @Faryna
Facebook: Faryna.FanPage
Google+: +StanFaryna
Website: The Unofficial Blog of Stan Faryna

Amazon (Not Google) Buys Twitch For 970 Million Dollars

Earlier today an official response to the numerous rumors of Twitch’s acquisition were finally verified when Twitch’s CEO, Emmett Shear, released a post on Twitch’s official blog. In the letter Shear goes onto speak as to why the acquisition provides a bright future for the top streaming company, and why Amazon is the perfect new parent company.

Like Twitch, Amazon has always strived to be something more than just a competitor, always pushing the envelope beyond whats expected, imagined, or even considered sane at times. ¬†They also understand the importance of community and driving value for the users. ¬†If you consider Twitch wasn’t even known 3 years ago, I’d say the company has been able to do just that. ¬†Mirroring a passion that it’s new parent company has demonstrated for years.

Although Twitch was definitely not hurting in it’s top spot in the streaming world, Twitch’s CEO is excited by what this new era for Twitch could mean in the grand scope of things.

We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We’re keeping most everything the same: our office, our employees, our brand, and most importantly our independence. But with Amazon’s support we’ll have the resources to bring you an even better Twitch.

According to Bloomberg, the Twitch purchase is only¬†costing Amazon a cool 970 million dollars. ¬†Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is making some other big media plays, too…

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The GANG Minute: Upcoming Schedule Changes, Doctor Who, And Payday 2 Giveaway

This will be the last week where we’ll have a weekly TGM vlog. ¬†Tune in to find out why. ¬†Remember to read this full article for details on our latest Steam giveaway – Payday 2!


Doctor Who Season 8 Starts Saturday, August 23rd 2014

If you haven’t caught our new podcast, Timey-Wimey Tea Time, we have everything you need to know for Doctor Who Season 8. ¬†This weekend will be a big one for sci-fi fans and Whovians worldwide yet, with all the buzz going around, there are still people that ask,

Doctor WHO??

With more than 50 years of shows, novels, fan fiction, audio dramas, games, and even comics under the belt, the Doctor Who series is something of a big deal. ¬†Surprisingly, it’s not quite mainstream so you hipsters out there should give it a shot. ¬†For realzies.

Doctor Who has romance, adventure, space exploration, time travel, eccentric characters, talking dogs, jelly beans, and high fashion sense. ¬†There’s just so much to love in this series. ¬†With Peter Capaldi coming in as the 13th Doctor, we old-school Whovians are wondering if the series is coming back to the roots. ¬†Will this be the more serious, gritty, and suspenseful Doctor Who we’ve been hoping for?

The Twelfth Doctor (Matt Smith) & Amy Pond (Karen Gillan)

[ Doctor Who HD Wallpaper provided courtesy of BBC. ]

Sorry, no Amy Pond..  And possibly no Clara.


Upcoming Geeky Antics Network Schedule Changes

We’ll be changing up our network schedule to make more room for random streams, marathons, hosting, and new podcasts. ¬†As we already established, TGM won’t be a weekly vlog but we will be doing a monthly or bi-weekly TGM newsletter. ¬†Please be sure subscribe to our Social Geeks mailing list so you never miss out on anything. ¬†We’ll be using that as a way to compile all the latest geeky content and events on our network.

Timey-Wimey Tea Time is here and¬†we have a couple of more shows coming up. ¬†This new shows will provide platforms for us to talk about all facets of geek culture with the people that are most passionate about the subject matter. ¬†There will be anime, fan fiction, creative writing, in-house artwork, science fiction, fantasy, and all sorts of delectably geeky¬†discussions. ¬†We hope you’ll join us as a guest or permanent host!


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Everything you need to know about #DoctorWho for Season 8

Everything you need to know about #DoctorWho for Season 8

The 12th Doctor stars in the Doctor Who Season 8 kick off on Saturday (23 August) at 7:50 ET on BBC America.

Who cares, right?

Just in time for the long-awaited episode, titled Deep Breath, Yomar Lopez and Stan Faryna chat about Doctor Who on Episode Zero of Timey-Wimely Tea Time.What is Doctor Who?Doctor, who?Yogizilla and Faryna make a fun, sincere and thoughtful romp through the history, hype and awesome of the 50 year old sci-fi tv series. Check it out. If you want Lopez and Faryna to do more Timey-Wimey Tea Time, be generous with the likes and comments on YouTube.
Part 1
Part 2 

10 Myths About MOBAs Debunked #L2P #DawnGate #Tome

With the unrelenting rise of MOBAs, I feel it is appropriate that we provide a simple list on how to play MOBAs properly. Sure, there are plenty of game-specific guides and some general MOBA guides but they all focus on the same thing everyone else does:

  1. Item building.
  2. Last hitting and farming.
  3. Learning from the top tier players.
  4. Counter-picking characters.
  5. Mastering specific characters and roles.
  6. Blah blah blah.

That’s all fine and dandy.. ¬†But…

What about the fundamentals of MOBA/ARTS games?

I’d like to look at the core mechanics, attitudes, and other less-discussed items that will give you a real edge. More importantly, these are the things that will allow you to truly enjoy the MOBA experience, in spite of the tendency to encounter toxicity and BM (bad manners). On that note, I would say fighting games and MOBAs tend to have the most toxic communities, with FPS games somewhere in that Top 3 but anyway… Here we go!

Here are 10 misconceptions and myths surrounding MOBA/ARTS games – in no particular order…


1.  MOBAs Are For ADD/Twitch Gamers

No, no, and, furthermore, NO.  (Sorry Stan РI still love you, bro!)

There are certainly a majority of MOBA players that have no strategy, tactics, or finesse, relying purely on twitch gaming skills, but this is not everyone nor is it the pinnacle of the experience. ¬†The real fun in MOBAs, to me, resides in the deceptively deep strategy that is available to those that believe in teamwork and developing¬†their own unique playstyles. ¬†Great MOBAs are as accomodating as MMORPGs in this aspect: you can make the experience your own and play up your strengths, even if PvP isn’t usually your thang.

That said, ADD is more prevalent with gamers now than ever. ¬†Heck, the Internet as a whole has spoiled us. ¬†There’s just so much content vying for our attention. ¬†People “don’t have time”¬†for deep thinking. ¬†I worry that future games will feature one or two-button control schemes at most.. ¬†Or maybe respond to grunting and farting.

ADD - Attention Defi.. Hey, Look - A Butterfly!

2.  Tanks Only Exist To Soak Up Damage

Recently, a wonderfully snooty gamer said the following and I found it much too funny not to share:

Tanks are supposed to soak up damage. ¬†That’s like their sole purpose. ¬†Just sayin.

This is the sort of elitist behavior¬†that scares people away from competitive games as a whole. ¬†Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially when they are misinformed or misguided. ¬†The worst types of players on MOBAs are the ones that¬†worry more about the rest of their team’s performance instead of their own. ¬†BTW, the guy who fed me this line of horse crap had the worst record in the entire session and kept over-extending…

Gee, there’s a shocker!

Yes, tanks are meant to be initiators and soak up damage; however, to relegate their roles strictly to that shows a lack of grasp on strategy and tactics. ¬†The tank or support’s role varies but, essentially, they are there to mitigate damage, slow down threats, and provide focus. ¬† In many ways, they function as the generals and playmakers for their teams. ¬† The thing is, if teams do not follow the tank’s lead or positioning is off, tanks should not just dive in because then they die for nothing.

The expectation that tanks should just jump into battle all the time is nothing short of stupid.  Tanks have to be able to assess situations and make quick calls.  If he pings to go in or retreat, the team should follow suite because glass cannons and squishies should not go in or get caught out alone.  All too often, tanks are either too aggressive or too passive.  Players will always disagree on the level of aggression needed but, if teams move together as a unit, beautiful things happen.

It’s also worth noting that there are MOBAs like Dawngate where, late game, damage penetration tends to overshadow any damage mitigation. ¬†At this point, tanks have to play more cautiously and resort to guerrilla tactics (i.e. baiting and rape bushes) or more coordinated team battles. ¬†Since tanks tend to offer CC (crowd control) and AoE effects¬†they should not recklessly lay down their lives if the opportunity to shift the tides of battle or take an objective is not really there. ¬†#L2P

These concepts apply to other PvP games where you have traditional RPG roles in play.  I find that Dawngate and DotA 2 tend to favor more versatile roles as well, whereas games like League Of Legends tend to be more about compartmentalizing roles and positions.  Tanks can sometimes soften up and weaken enemies, making them far more than more useful that glorified punching bags and decoys.

Pokemon - Lucario Punching Bag


3.  Farming And Last Hitting Are #1

Imagine a game where the primary objective is timing button presses so you get points and your goal thereof is to get the high score. ¬†Oh wait.. ¬†That’s a rhythm game!

I’d say farming and last-hitting is the least fun aspect of MOBAs yet people check¬†CS (Creep Score/Kills) all the time, as if that is the only that determines skill or the match outcome. ¬†The slight edge that the added income gives you is nice but it does not guarantee victory; in fact, being too obsessed with CS will often make you sloppy if you’re not careful.

Consider this: every time you bring up the scoreboard or glance over at your CS or income, you are distracted. ¬†That makes the gap bigger and opens you up to attacks. ¬†Your attention is better shifted towards map awareness and working as a team to take objectives; you know, things that win matches. ¬†What’s even more important to note here is that there are MOBA/ARTS games where the mechanics of last-hitting, denying, and farming are either not there or not as important. ¬†Dawngate, Tome, and Guardians Of Middle-Earth are good examples of this, as they focus more on action and strategy as opposed to boring chores.


4.  You Need An ADC To Win

The high DPS (Damage Per Second) and sustain that ADCs bring is certainly nice but the value of team comps (compositions) is often exagerrated. ¬†It’s best to pick characters you are comfortable with and discuss with your team what they are comfortable with. ¬†Break the meta. ¬†Be a leader.

An ADC, for the uninitiated, is an Attack Damage Carry.  Alongside your Jungler and the optional APC (Attack Power Carry or Mage), the ADC is part of the damage-dealing machine.   What changes within these roles is the positioning and primary damage type (i.e. magic/AP vs. physical/AD).  The terminology changes up depending on the game you are playing but the core concepts are almost always there.

Typically, MOBA players like to have one primary damage-dealer so they can feed him.  The problem with this approach is that it places too much of a burden on one player instead of teamwork.  Various team comps are viable in just about any game but your team needs to know how to work with it.  For example, an all ADC team would be very squishy and would need very coordinated attacks to win team battles.  Similarly, an APC team could work but there would need to be some heavy CC or heavy burst damage to take out key targets before they could retaliate.

Ultimately, it’s all about teamwork. ¬†Tried and true is nice but it’s not the only way to play the game.

Fairy Tail - Natsu Saves Erza - By RJDART On Deviantart

Not everyone needs to be rescued.. But, sure, it’s nice.
[ Art by RJDART on DeviantArt ]

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Poll: What Time Would Like To Hear A Sermon On Sunday?

A Foreword On Spiritual Healing & Unity

By Yogizilla

Hey gang!

Today we have a simple poll (well two, actually) that I’d like everyone to take a few minutes out to take. ¬†Whether you consider yourself religious or not, share your thoughts. ¬†For the atheists and agnostics out there, think of this as an opportunity to do some personal development and/or spiritual healing.

For me, personal development and spirituality are very much part of what it means to be a geek. ¬†After all, we don’t really grow until we realize just how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things. ¬†It’s only when we unite that we truly accomplish special things.

With the recent passing of Robin Williams, I think this Sunday sermon comes at a great time.  We all need to be reminded of this:

You are not alone.

What is religion? ¬†What is spirituality? ¬†What is faith? ¬†I don’t think those definitions and social constructs really matter as much as the basic human needs that we all share: purpose, connection, warmth, community/family, accomplishment, contentment, etc. ¬†All these things are as much about the physical and material components as they are about the unseen.

I have not heard Obi’s father preach but, from what I gather, he’s down to earth and will approach it from a more secular, non-denominational perspective. ¬†I think the messages will be inspiring to all if you keep your hearts and minds open.



A Message From ObioneX2

Let me know what you guys think.  My dad really wants to do a sermon on Sundays.   He just wants to know what time you guys would like to hear it because he wants to do be live every week.

I picked 2pm myself.

Vote Here:


Flash Fiction: Say Something by @Faryna

Say Something by @Faryna

Flash Fiction

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna & The Blue Sky - Stan The Marketing Man!

“Say something,” she whispered to John as she walked through the alley and checked dumpsters for salvage.

I’m giving up on you, she thought.

She hadn’t heard him speak to her for days – speak to her heart. He could do things like that. Unbelievable fucking things – things you couldn’t imagine.

Say something…

Right now, Cristina had never felt more alone, empty, afraid, broken, crazy, lost, angry…

She couldn’t feel his presence – he made the world, solid, good and safe. No matter what happened – there was hope as long as John was in the world. John was supernatural.

Cristina didn’t want to believe he could be gone. Not after everything that had happened. Not after she had lost him and found him again.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she remembered the night they had met. How he was unstoppable in his pursuit of her. John had told her that he was her hero and he meant it.

Her pupils dilated as she inhaled deeply and remembered the smell of his naked skin – notes of lavender, lilies, bulgarian roses and sea salt.

John was unstoppable. Unbreakable. Forever. He was her man of steel. Her angel. John was true love.

“YOU SAID YOUR LOVE IS FOREVER,” Cristina shouted up to the gray sky.


George started to ball. Uncontrollably.

He wanted to tell her that the last words out of John’s mouth was a prayer for her – a Hail Mary cut short because they cut out his tongue with garden shears. But she couldn’t hear George; she couldn’t see him because George was dead.

George had been put here by this red dumpster by powers he didn’t understand. Eventually, he had figured out the why. Or he thought he had figured it out.

He could have knocked over a bottle to draw Cristina to the dumpster, but that was the last thing he wanted to do.

Red dumpster

Cristina walked toward the red dumpster.

“You don’t want this,” George shouted at her.

“Say something,” she pleaded to the empty, lifeless buildings that rose above the alley.

Looking around, George saw a flower pot on the ledge of a third story window. If he could knock it over, she might turn back, bring the others here and, maybe, he could get Armstrong’s attention.

He closed his eyes and braced for the weirdness as he threw himself through the wall (he felt like jello being thrown at a wall), raced through the building and up the stairwell.

“Fuck me,” he muttered as he looked out the window and saw Cristina in the dumpster – synchronizing with real time was still an epic challenge for George.

Cristina had looked over the edge of the dumpster and saw it amidst the beer cans.

She saw John’s face. His eyes were closed but his wounds were still bloody, wet and raw.

Cristina climbed into the dumpster. She could barely see John’s face now – her tears ran so hard. She thought she saw his lips move.

“My husband, my hero, my everything – please say something,” she whispered.

There was no answer.

“Say something, my love,” Cristina insisted.

She had hope; John would make it through this; she would stand by him until her last breath Рregardless of his condition.

Frantically, she tried to dig his body out from the swamp of beer cans with her bare hands.

The mass of cans¬†shifted as she dug and John’s severed head rolled on it’s¬†side.


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About Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna is writing an epic novel. All of the¬†world is crumbling like unrepaired, ancient walls but 18 year old gamer, PVP champion, zombie killer, blogger and serial entrepreneur John Dionysius finds the woman who he’s been dreaming about all of his life – a dream in which she is murdered as he watches helplessly from the eyes of a child.

Twitter: @Faryna
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You can support Stan by helping his friend, Nisha Varghese (click on Nisha’s pic to make a donation).

Nisha Varghese

Nisha Varghese is an inspiration to Stan because she lives out the truth that she is bigger than her challenges. Among them, Cerebral Palsy. She too can save the world. Make it a better place for all of us. Nisha is a light and a gift unto the world.

Nisha’s website is¬†here.


Flash Fiction: Big Stone Book of Trollish Insults by @StartYourNovel

Big Stone Book of Trollish Insults

Flash Fiction

by John Magnet Bell

John Magnet Bell

Shame of the Fireside, black tusker, hunter of clouds — I earned these names and worse because I fell in love with a human alchemist‚Äôs son.

My sisters drove me from the home fire and I lived on wolves and other vermin. I looked for my beloved without cease.

I imagine the alchemist’s son
would look something like this.
Image sourced from this io9 article, which includes a dozen more intriguing pictures of 1970s cosplayers. 
NB.: If you’re uncomfortable with loincloths, diaphanous tunics and exposed breasts, don’t go there.


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About John Magnet Bell

John is a professional translator, writer and photographer. He writes about writing and he writes unconventional flashes of fiction at his website, Start Your Novel. Why? John explains his passion here.

Twitter: @StartYourNovel
Google+: JMBell
Website: Start Your Novel

Please support John so that he can keep writing epic prompts! You can buy his shocking art at society6:

The Next Step by John Magnet Bell

The Next Step by John Magnet Bell

The GANG Minute: Robin Williams Death And The Hope It Brings Us

This is usually the part where I share the latest TGM video and discuss the key points further but Twitch decided to randomly mute my video due to non-existent copyrighted material.  YAY!


The claims of Robin Williams’ death are not a hoax. ¬†This is a tragic day indeed. ¬†It’s not merely because we lost another brilliant mind and a joy to the world, but because depression SUCKS.

I must admit that I woke up this morning feeling that something was off.  In my gut, I felt something bad was going to happen.  It has been an emotional roller coaster and the news of Robin Williams did not make it any better.

Jimmy Kimmel said it best…

If you’re sad, tell someone.

We tend to be so guarded and caustic as human beings these days. ¬†It’s easier to be bitter, troll a bit, and just mask our emotions with constant sarcasm, partying, sillyness, stunts, or whatever. ¬†We all hurt but few of us have strong support networks and healthy sharing practices in place.

Here is Robin Williams, a wealthy actor who we would think would be free from the usual stress and challenges we peasants have to deal with..  And he commits suicide (allegedly).  No one is safe.  Identify your true friends and get some open dialogue going, guys.  If you are lacking friends, make some.  None of us can make it alone.


I can’t believe Mork & Mindy, one of my favorite shows in my youth, came out around 35 years ago. ¬†This hits home for me because I always felt I identified with Robin. ¬†He was zany, misunderstood, and a little too chipper for some. ¬†Robin Williams embraced his little spark of insanity. ¬†I think we all should.

Let your feelings flow, let go a bit, and let people in.

It’s time to do some healing, gang.

Remember: we are building the GANG to make it easier for people to have that support and trust in place.  We are here for you (some of us more than others, of course).  I hope that we can show the same sort of compasssion we are seeing tonight on social media..  But EVERY DAY.  I know we can do it.  #GeeksUnite