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Fellow Whovians, Whovers, geeks, and Hearthstoners – here is the official Timey-Wimey Tea Time Singing Contest page!

Stan feels terrible about my sleeping issues so he has rallied the TWTT community to have everyone sing me some lullabyes.  The song of choice is Soft Kitty!  As an incentive, three of the best singers, as selected by the TWTT and overall Geeky Antics community, will win one of three Hearthstone throw pillows.

BTW, we are not affiliated with anyone discussing testicles and other nonsense under the #TWTT hashtag.  We apologize about the confusion in advance!

You may not love Hearthstone or video games as much as I do but, hey, it’s a throw pillow..  You can use it for cat naps, travel, or questionable decor.  It’s pretty darn spiffy, if you ask me!

NOTE:  This is a *contest* under the overall giveaways category.  The distinction is that selection of winners will be objective, as opposed to random.  Read “How It Works” section for details how this specific contest works.

Hearthstone Throw Pillow

*You* can win one of three Hearhtstone throw pillows, courtesy of Stan Faryna!

Contest Entrants / Entries

Entry # Entrant ID Song Link / Player
#1 Entry 1 MP3 Player Here
#2 Entry 2 MP3 Player Here
#3 Entry 3 MP3 Player Here
#4 Entry 4 MP3 Player Here
#5 Entry 5 MP3 Player Here
#6 Entry 6 MP3 Player Here
#7 Entry 7 MP3 Player Here
#8 Entry 8 MP3 Player Here
#9 Entry 9 MP3 Player Here
#10 Entry 10 MP3 Player Here
#11 Entry 11 MP3 Player Here
#12 Entry 12 MP3 Player Here
#13 Entry 13 MP3 Player Here
#14 Entry 14 MP3 Player Here
#15 Entry 15 MP3 Player Here
#16 Entry 16 MP3 Player Here
#17 Entry 17 MP3 Player Here
#18 Entry 18 MP3 Player Here
#19 Entry 19 MP3 Player Here
#20 Entry 20 MP3 Player Here

If you’re unable to view this table, tweet @Yogizilla for assistance.

COMING SOON:  Poll for voting on your favorite entries.  The voting period will be announced soon, after a maximum of 20 finalists have been selected.  Tune into our podcast for details!

How It Works

  • Call in at (206) 415-4987 or send us an MP3/WAV clip of your Soft Kitty interpretation to enter!
  • Up to 20 finalists/entries will be picked by TWTT hosts, Stan Faryna and Yomar Lopez.
  • The 20 finalists will be picked by November 22nd to give everyone a chance to enter.
  • Entries will be featured on this post along with embedded audio (in the above table).
  • The voting period will last 2-4 weeks.
  • Voting will open up on a TBD date.  Tune into Timey-Wimey Tea Time for the latest updates!
  • TWTT / GANG community will take a poll to vote on their favorite entries. Only one vote allowed per entry, per vote partipant.
  • Three winners will be chosen based upon community vote.
  • For tie scenarios, Yomar and Stan will make the final vote or use random number generators (i.e. random.org and Roll20).


Terms And Conditions

  • Entries must be submitted via voicemail at 1-206-415-4987 (the Geeky Antics network voicemail hotline).
  • Alternatively, entries may be submitted to twtt@geekyantics.net in MP3 (preferred) or WAV format.
  • Winners must be in US or Canada. Unfortunately, we do not have the budget to pay $100 to ship outside of North America.
  • Winners will be once voting has been open for at least two weeks. They will be announced on this blog post and on the TWTT show/podcast.
  • Winners will be given a minimum of two weeks from announcement on the show to arrange for shipping.
  • Failure to claim prizes will result in runner-up selections.
  • Anyone caught gaming votes (attempting to vote multiple times from a single computer) may be disqualified.

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  1. Due to the sponsor’s impromptu departure, this contest will be likely be canceled. This was really Stan’s baby and he’s not around soooo… If and when we can secure a reliable sponsor, we will bring it back. Thanks to all who have entered so far. We’ve greatly enjoyed the interpretations!

    #TWTT – we love you guys! =oD

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