The GANG Minute: Farewell To ObioneX2 And Twitch Stream Team?

We want to thank everyone who has applied to be part of our stream team or contribute in some other way.  This installment of TGM will address what we’re doing on that side so please read on.

Obi Moves On From GeekyAntics… Officially

If you’ve been keeping up with our HorsePLAY! podcast or just the general decline in community events, video uploads, and live events as a whole, it’s been clear that certain folks have been distant.  One of those folks is our pal, Obi.  With TSE (Top Star E-Sports) gaining traction and Obi having terrible time management to boot, we’ve decided it is best to part ways.

Obi will always be part of the GeekyAntics family but it’s clear that he can’t handle even the responsibility of showing up.  To be fair, it’s been difficult for all of us.  Life is full of adversity and shifting priorities so it’s only natural that folks will come and go.  As one of the originals, this is a “good bye for now” rather than “farewell forever” scenario.

At this point, all this is a formality since Obi has been less and less involved with the show for over a year.  Now y’all can stop asking if Obi left the show or not – there’s the answer!  Don’t worry: we’ll send off Obi officially in the next couple of weeks, so you’ll have time to say bye (we reckon he’ll really disappear now LOL).  Stay tuned to our podcast.  Our podcast feed is sexy – check it out!

ObioneX2 Clone

This is not ObioneX2 but it sure does look like him!


No More GeekyAntics Stream Team.. For Now

This departure alongside other disappointments has had me thinking a lot more about how we will do things in 2017 going forward.  For several months, things have been brewing in the GeekyAntics Network.  Rather than get into all the behind the scenes stuff, suffice to say that we are restructuring things, streamlining, and shifting our focus.  The reality is that there is a lot of work involved with running this network and, while everyone involved has benefited in big ways, only a handful of people contribute consistently.  This leaves us carrying a lot of dead weight and, to be frank, it’s burnt me out financially, spiritually, and even physically.

As such, I have made the personal decision to no longer invest in actively supporting or building a stream team, not on Twitch, YouTube, or Beam.  Instead, we will focus on podcasts and written content.  Anyone who wants to contribute will have to show that they’re not just trying to ride our coat tails and get free advertising, which seems to be the case with most.

Every day we get tweets, direct messages, e-mail, and other solicitation with folks peddling their channel, wares, etc.  These contacts total in the thousands each week and they’re usually very one-sided affairs (i.e. check out my product/channel and tell me what you think).  That stuff is all fine and dandy but, at this juncture, we only have time for those that can make time for the collective and align themselves with our goals as a team.  We want to keep it in the family.  That’s sustainable and it’s smart business.

The sad reality is that most folks starting their own online brand try to do it alone and siphon off others.  The moochers ruin it for the rest.  By the time we train folks in best practices and promote the hell out of them, they disappear.  It’s a waste of time and streamers are amongst the worst because they spend 99% of their time streaming and think that networking, supporting others, documenting, marketing, and all the business stuff is something you do when you feel like it.

All these flavors and you choose to be salty?

Too Much Salt On Podcasts And Streams?

Lastly, I want to address concerns that we’ve become too salty.  We’ve heard this from a very vocal minority but, because we appreciate you all, let’s clear the air… *AHEM*

From the beginning, we built GeekyAntics as a platform for folks that were tired of walking on eggshells, staying on the grind, and all the BS of content marketing.  We’re not here to be controversial for the sake of being controversial but, at the same time, we’re not gonna pull punches because people are over-sensitive.

Remember: we’re here to have fun, above all..  If you gotta constantly worry about mincing words and making sure you please everyone, what fun is that?  So, yeah, we’ll shit on Nintendo, Destiny, hipsters, SJWs, and the like because it’s fun.  That said, we know there is a responsibility that comes with freedom of press and expression.  The happy medium is that we’re not trying to offend anyone and we’re open to elaborating upon things…  but there’s a time and place for everything.

Fexample, during live shows (whether it’s a podcast or a stream), getting hung up on technicalities and semantics is a waste of time.  We love the interaction but sometimes you have to know when to drop something and realize that, if we change subjects, it’s not to be dicks; sometimes, even we have to move on from a train wreck of a tangent.  It’s like arguing about what makes music or video game good – that will go nowhere quick, folks!

If we’re live, don’t private message me constantly and, if we move on from a topic, take the hint.  Give us the benefit of the doubt that we’re not trying to be dicks, dismissive, or close-minded.  Don’t be persistent to the point of harassment and badgering because, while you may not be trying to troll, that’s pretty much the end result.  It’s sad that I have to even discuss this topic but, in this day and age, if you don’t agree with people 100%, they get offended.

P.S.  If you think someone is being dismissive of something you love just because they don’t like it, maybe you’re the one being dismissive?  Just Saiyan.

Perhaps it is not that we are “too” salty but, rather, brutally honest and folks forget what that looks like.  Debating something is a lost art and we’re definitely open to debates.  In fact, if you feel so passionately about a topic, that’s a good place to e-mail or comment.  Then we can have long-form discussions and give your concerns the proper time and attention they deserve.  Perhaps we’ll do a special op-ed piece or dedicated show, just for you.  If all else fails…

Get over yourself.  Not everyone is out to get you or upset you!

I hope this makes sense.  If it doesn’t, think of it like this: during a typical podcast, we have set topics and limited wiggle room.  If you hog up all the time arguing something as trivial as a personal opinion (which, inherently, cannot be objectively right or wrong because it is SUBJECTIVE), you’re costing everyone else time.  That’s more post production work for us and less time to interact with everyone else.  Kinda selfish and rude, if you ask me.  We do a REALLY good job of interacting with our chat room but stuff like that is why most people ignore their chat during their podcasts and streams.

With that in mind, perhaps we have been a smidge more strong-armed at times when shit hits the fan.  I’ll admit openly that I’ve had a series of unfortunate events from battling with cancer to financial issues to even very recently having a fire in our home.  No one truly checks their emotional baggage at home.  Even so, we’ve always been brutally honest about stuff.  We try to be considerate and present all angles but we’re not going to sugar coat things because folks are quick to jump the gun and assume the worst.  If you have doubts, cool down and talk to us off-air and we’ll figure it out.  Don’t make a big stink and ruin everyone else’s good time.

In short, give us the benefit of the doubt.  Get to know us a little bit better.  I promise you’ll appreciate where we’re coming from.


What’s Next For The GeekyAntics Network And #TheGANG?

WarChildMKIV/WarChildGames and Beard_And_Hat are now full-time podcast hosts.  We also hope to have them write for our sites on a regular basis, as well as head up other launches and projects.  We’ll be focusing heavily on our web sites, software development, and podcasts as that’s where the best ROI has been for us.  Video an streaming just isn’t sustainable when you don’t have a dedicated team that really gets collective economics and the business concepts thereof.

Our upcoming articles will cover our ongoing series over at HorsePLAY! LIVE, the Unicorn Poopies, as well as the tangent topics therein.  Inevitably, we’ll get into some discussion about what defines a genre/category and how we decided upon our geek award nominees.  It’s not just video games, either!

We’ll be tackling some hot-button topics that seem to keep coming up.  Is Twitch [partnership] still worth it?  Will Beam take over?  What are MOBAs anyway?  Is Overwatch a MOBA, after all?

Rest assured: we’ll be picking up on the streaming schedule but, right now, it’s crunch time so we’ll be cutting back on the time invested there until we rebuild a strong core of people that want to be involved in every facet of what GeekyAntics is all about.  That means, not just coasting along or poking in on Discord here and there. *smirk*

Once we see some initiatives from our applicants and potential collaborators, we’ll entertain your pitches and opportunities.  Until then, don’t expect much of a response from us.  This is not to be snooty and say that I don’t have the time for you but we need to be fair to those who actually do put in the effort right now.

Considering that we’re at the top of search results and getting more and more traffic each week, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with everyone.  That means if you seem like a spammer or autopilot type of individual, we’ll likely glance over whatever you send us..  Unless you consistently make efforts to participate and promote us.  It’s got to be more give and less take, folks.  Thanks for understanding!


Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi!I am the founder of GANG.My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online.My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design.I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!

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Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi! I am the founder of GANG. My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online. My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design. I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!


  1. I hear that. Keep on keeping on, bro.

    • We definitely are!

      Just scaling back some things that are mostly time sinks. Evered and a few engaged team members mentioned doing a “state of the GANG” podcast.. I think we should just get together on Discord and hash things out.

      As for the move some are making to Beam, it’s not the platform.. Streamers tend to not get things beyond video, nor do they take the time to learn how to run a business. That makes collaboration very hard. Most just want to ride our coat tails and get link juice. PASS. lol

      That said, Beam is where Twitch used to be: it’s easier to get partnered, people are raiding and promoting each other, and there’s a better community feel.. But that won’t last long. Like every other streaming platform, it falls apart once it gets saturated and the people you help grow get partnered/popular. It’s a shame and quite silly, really. =oP

  2. And he didn’t show up until yesterday…all that cake…wasted T_T!

    • Seriously, cake is only good for about three days. If you refrigerate it, it can get icky.. unless it’s ice cream cake. At room temperature, you get two really good days after initial baking. At three days, it may start getting hard. Five days, you got some crisp. Beyond that, BEWARE – moldy cake isn’t very good. LMAO

      See what you caused, Obi?

      Okay, now let’s give him six months to figure out how to read a blog and scroll down to the comments section. Kappa

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