365 #42.5 First Ever 365 In The Bank Contract Match, Plus Title Defence

By 365Flicks Podcast

That’s right people the Money in the Bank has just happened and the lads decided that while Kev had to put the belt on the line against Chris. They would also open the floodgates to any and all contenders. What did that mean??

We took to the social media for our first ever 365 In The Bank challenge and let our listeners give us there predictions for a chance to win the contract to challenge the lads at anytime of there choosing for the 365Title. Who would win?? Find out here.

The Contenders:

  1. Long Time Listener Kev Wright
  2. HOBIs Biggest Diva Jason Brigger
  3. Another Damn Wrestling Show Host Matt
  4. Wicked Radio Commander and Chief Big Dev
  5. RJ Holt666 (Just Handled That Way)
  6. Another Damn Wrestling Show Host Joe
  7. Graphic Novice Number 1 Fan Doug

Also we take a moment to remember the great actor that was Anton Yelchin who sadly passed away on Sunday morning.


Its Basically a recap show with a couple promos

WRN Network, Ross Marquand introduces us and Girlz Melon Intro

Promos for Epic Film Guys and HOBI


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EERIE INDIANA/Justin Shenkarow and GhostMan&Demon Hunter Show

By GhostMan and Demon Hunter Show

Tonight’s EPICness with G&D, as were joined with Special Guest, Actor/Director Justin Shenkarow from EERIE INDIANA and so much more!!

Join us at the Center of Weird, Your, GhostMan&Demon Hunter Show www.ghostanddemon.com [ More Podcast Goodness ]

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