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SATURDAY NOON ET: GANG’s #DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 6

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Writes The Telegraph’s Ben Lawrence:

… the revelation at the end of Time Heist that the Doctor had masterminded the whole affair in order to rescue the Teller and save the species confirmed that he is still the same Time Lord, dedicated to peace and survival throughout the Whoniverse. Capaldi’s Doctor is not an obvious hero, but he is all the more interesting for that.

Obviously, the Telegraph can’t afford to pay for an intelligent and clever review of the Doctor. Lawrence fails to contemplate the problematic that the Teller is a heartless murderer – regardless of the price. And the 12th Doctor remains an anti-hero. The Series 8 Doctor is no hero – not even by the loose and easy standards of the former and mythic Joseph Campbell.

Asks The Daily Mirror’s Richard Beech:


This is a very simple Doctor Who-based question, with very simple rules.

Answer “yes” if you think Doctor Who HAS become unsuitable for children, answer “no” if you think it IS still suitable for children.

Right Question. But missing the substantive problematic entirely! Or are the Brits being a bit dodgey?

Is no one safe from the morally bankrupt Moffat?

Time Heist


Is Doctor Who appropriate for kids? Really?

Doctor, who?

Where have all the good men gone?

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