Sonic The Hedgehog’s 23rd Anniversary #23on23 #WeLoveSEGA #SEGAfanboys

As a long-time SEGA fanboy, this news is particularly exciting:

Today, June 23rd 2014, Sonic The Hedgehog turned 23!

Well, maybe he isn’t quite that old but June 23rd does mark the anniversary of the Sonic franchise.  Over 20 years of  frantic coin-collecting and animal-freeing action.  Gosh, I feel old!

Sonic The Hedgehog 23rd Anniversary

This makes me really want to play more SEGA games.  Lamentably, my SEGA Genesis and Dreamcast systems are in storage and I have no Sonic games on the PC…  Yet.  This must change!

That said, I am certainly in the mood to play some SEGA games just to celebrate this awesome event.  Maybe some more Hell Yeah! and Typing Of The Dead Overkill.  Then there’s Alpha Protocol, Total War, and Binary Domain..  So many great choices!

Hell Yeah: Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit - Title Screen

Speaking of Hell Yeah!, I did a Sample Saturday / #TheDustOff stream on my Twitch channel this past weekend.  It was awesome to see how many people hadn’t heard of the game but loved it after watching for a few minutes.  The laughs in this game are soooo good.  It’s very similar to Sonic in the pacing but the humor and gore makes it a more grown-up Sonic experience, I’d say.

Here’s to Sonic and SEGA – GAME ON!!