A Superlative #DoctorWho RECAP: Timey-Wimey Tea Time E6 #Kids and #Sherlock @Faryna @Yogizilla [Please RT]

#DoctorWho RECAP: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 6: Is Doctor Who a proper kid’s show?

Doctor, who?!

In Episode TWTT 6, we point out the elephant in the room and ponder if Doctor Who is still a kids show. The absence of strong language, graphic violence and sexually charged content, does not make it kid safe per se. But if you hear us out first, you’ll have big take aways when you watch (or rewatch) Doctor Who Episode 5, Time HeistThat’s what our community is saying.

As always, we gladly shared some of the comments you left on YouTube for TWTT Episode 4 and we played new submissions for the #SoftKitty song contest. Oh, heck yes, Yomar has fixed the sound problems.

We talked about ABC’s new romantic comedy, Selfie. Both Yomar and Stan like it. It’s not just a Karen Gillan thing – formerly Amy Pond of Doctor Who. There’s more than a few interesting characters. Keep your eye out for Charmonique.

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