Ye Olde #Hearthstone Tavern and Inn (16 April 2014) Issue No. 1

Greetings! Hello! Buna!

This is about Hearthstone. It’s about you. It’s about us. It’s also about games, good game play and, oh yeah, it’s about geeky stuff. Welcome bros, women of astounding warcrafts and (last but not least) transgender, illegal alien immigrant-persons from P3X-774.

Among other things, a good game provides a platform for social experience, frell, and the Noxian ritual of life. It brings people together – friends and family. And/or it allows people to connect and get to know each other. Hearthstone doesn’t do this well. Or not yet. But we can pick up the slack here at G.A.N.G (Geekly Antics Network Global).

This post and future Hearthstone posts at Geekly Antics will be our official Ye Olde Hearthstone Tavern and Inn (YOHTAI) – where we can add friends, connect, share, brag, bitch and whine about Blizzard’s game Hearthstone and other things. We’ll also be able to conversate and participate in live and recorded podcasts including HorsePLAY! LIVE and others. And, ok, we’ll do some tips, cheats, and strategies.
Why are you here?!
In the comments below, flaunt your OP internet and social game skillz – tell us your Hearthstone ID (Battle Tag), your in game name, your real name (if you dare), your city, connection points, and share your thoughts on Hearthstone with us.
When you add a friend in game, tell them about YOHTAI! Because the more, the merrier!
What you want?!
Don’t know what to say? Try this:

Good game and thanks for the add. Want to talk, share and brag about Hearthstone? Check out Ye Olde Hearthstone Tavern and Inn (YOHTAI) at… 

Feel free to add the hosts of Ye Olde Hearthstone Tavern and Inn in the Hearthstone game and beyond.  This will also make us friends on all other Blizzard games, including Starcraft II Arcade and Diablo III, though I have not tried those yet.
Stan Faryna
Writer, Gamer, Online Strategist and Seer, Entrepreneur and Gardener.
Fairfax, Virginia – USA

Battle Tag:  Faryna#1872
Twitter:  @Faryna
Yomar Lopez (Yogi to friends)
Interactive Marketer, Internet Strategist, Social Media Person, Game Designer (And Fanatic), somewhat-Capable Writer and Co-Host at HorsePLAY! LIVE
Battle Tag:  Yogizilla#1722
Twitter:  @Yogizilla
Skype:  Yogizilla
Obionex2 (or just plain “Obi”)
Game Hitman and HorsePLAY! LIVE Co-Host
Battle Tag:  ObioneX2#1894
Twitter:  @Obionex2
Skype: HorsePLAY! LIVE

What’s wrong with the picture above?

Tips, Cheats, News, Rants and Raves

In the near future, the issues of YOHTAI will overflow with tips, cheats, rants and raves here. Feel free to contribute. Email your tip, cheat, news, rant, rave or whatever to Please put YOHTAI in the subject of your email.  We’ll share them in upcoming installments of YOHTAI!
19 April 2014 (Easter Vigil and Yogizilla’s Birthday)
Happy Birthday to Yogizilla (aka Yomar Lopez)!

18 April 2014 (Good Friday and Passover)

Hearthstone ringtones? We’re talking to music producer and artist Adrian Klein about making them for iPhone and Android. Would you donate $2 for your favorite Hearthstone ringtone?

Tip No. 42

You can never have too many friends on this lonely planet – or elsewhere!  
Make (add) friends in Hearthstone by adding a recent match opponent. Or from a shout out (comments) here at the Hearthstone Tavern and Inn.

Hearthstone Add Last Fighter as Friend

Are you a comics fan? The SECRET ORIGINS of the World’s Greatest Heroes in The New 52 can be revealed! This new series start with the origins of The Last Son of Krypton and Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, plus the first Robin, Dick Grayson. Check it out here.

17 April 2014 (Passover)

Hearthstone iPad App

16 April 2014 (Passover)
Hearthstone Tavern and Inn Facebook Cover Art? Would you donate $10 for a personalized Facebook Cover Art? We’re working with some graphic designers to come up with some very cool artwork.
15 April 2014 (Passover)
Tip No. 17

Friends make everything better! 
Having trouble getting through the daily quest? Or it just takes too long? Ask a friend to help you out and let you win the two quest battles in a friendly fight. And don’t forget to return the favor. That’s 40 gold in 10 minutes or less!
Friends help in Hearthstone Quests

Job’s done!

HorsePLAY! EP 9 – Who/What Is The Shredder, Anyway?

In EP 9 of HorsePLAY!  we started to reminisce a bit about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  As per our usual style, the discussion somehow derailed into speculation about The Shredder.  So, tell us what you think..  What are Shredder’s origins?

Don’t forget to check out HorsePLAY! Episode 9 (full HD video link), where we talk about commercialization, exaggerated marketing and special effects, consumer scams, V-Day, and the Super Ad Bowl.  There are tons of interesting updates in our Obligatory News segment, too.

We’ll be showcasing more episodes of HorsePLAY! right here on GANG soon.  Still debating if we’ll sprinkle in the full library to date or just feature select episodes.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Hmmm, maybe favorite HP! episodes will be the next poll…  Anyway, if you’re viewing this from somewhere other than the Geeky Antics Network Global (GANG) site, be sure to visit us and take the poll.

HorsePLAY! Is Now On Stitcher Radio – w00t!!

A couple of days ago I was talking with ObioneX2 about our growth strategies for social media, online marketing, and all that good stuff.  We brainstormed for a good 45 minutes.  Sadly, our biggest immediate goal was still pending.  Right after hanging up, I get a tweet and an email from our account manager on Stitcher, congratulating us on being added to Stitcher.  Talk about good timing!


We are beyond stoked about the HorsePLAY! Stitcher Radio station.  Stitcher is much more accessible than iHeartRadio and iTunes, especially for smaller brands and startups.  The process was easy and well worth it.

From a marketing perspective, I love how Stitcher is a more open market.  Everything is primarily ad-supported and everyone has a chance to have their voice heard.  It’s a very inclusive experience, whereas other networks make submission or being featured exclusive (and sometimes painful).  Stitcher does not place tons of limits or requirements on content, which allows us creatives to do our thang and not worry about filters, post-production editing, and potential conflicts of interest.  They see the inherent value in syndication, collaboration, and cross-promotion, just like we do here at GANG.

From a consumer perspective, I love the wide variety of content there is on Stitcher.  You can enjoy old style radio shows, psychic readings, technology news, video game reviews, friends getting together, and so much more.  For me, listening to audio shows is a fun way to spice up my work hours and support other lesser-known marketers and online authorities.  I have looked around and nothing comes close to what Sticher offers.  The ease of use, features, massive content library, and behind the scenes team make this network top-notch, whether you are a listener, broadcaster, or both.

I also wanted to comment on comments made by Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist a few years back, when they pulled their content off the Stitcher network.  He and other A-listers feel that no one should be able to monetize their content.  They make a huge deal about ads being place in front of their content.  I see this as an expected requirement to keep the Stitcher Radio platform as open as possible.  There’s no need to make a fuss when even YouTube is doing the same thing and Google multimedia platforms are far more restrictive.

We’re excited to work with Stitcher Radio to help them expand while we grow our own brands here on GANG.  As long as we are allowed the freedom to produce the content we are passionate about, I see no issue.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch and we get that so rock on, Stitcher Radio!

As such, we urge all our supporters to follow our Stitcher Radio referral link, leave us a review, add us to a playlist or two, and support our fellow podcasters.  By supporting Stitcher Radio, you support our show and fellow geeks worldwide.  Everyone wins!

Thanks for the support and help us celebrate this big win for our team and community.  Tweet me @Yogizilla and @ObioneX2 with what you’d like to see next.  Topic and guest suggestions are always welcomed!

Stay tuned for more HorsePLAY! updates, events, and previews here on GANG and on our Horseplay Steam community group!