Curse Of #Naxxramas July 22nd 2014 Release Date – Surprise, It’s Today!

We’ve been teasing (and teased by) the release details for Hearthstone Curse Of Naxxramas for months here on Geeky Antics and on HorsePLAY! LIVE.  Even on Episode 31 (seen below), we talked Hearthstone and started to speculate around Blizzard’s usual vague reports.  Note the Hearthstone-themed overlay..  Yeah, we LOVE this game!

The wait is over guys – Curse Of Naxxramas releases TODAY!

Blizzard pulled another sneaky update here, just like they did with the Hearthstone iPad app release.  Yesterday they tweeted that CoN would be released within a “few hours”.  That was roughly 13 hours ago as I bring this breaking news to you guys.  There’s no planned maintenance so I reckon this is a timed release we’ll see around noon on the West coast and 3pm for EST (GMT-5).

If you want to know some of the things to expect, check out our last The GANG Minute (leaked Curse Of Naxxramas photos inclusive).  You’ll want to hoard around 2400-2800 gold if you want to avoid paying out of pocket or are just budget-minded (translation: cheap bastards like many of us).  The first installment of the single-player Curse Of Naxxramas adventure will be free, Hearthstone fans – you still have time to raise gold!

On a similar note, there is still time to qualify for the first official Hearthstone World Championship.  Hit Legendary and stay on the grind.  Details on Curse Of Naxxramas and the Hearthstone World Championship can be found on the game client front page/dashboard.

For my Twitch followers, I am taking this opportunity to catch up on my streaming.  I’ve been super busy tending to my family and working on projects but now we HAVE to get together and talk Hearthstone.  Tweet me @Yogizilla and we can set up Skype chats while we play some Curse Of Naxxramas.  Expect tons of Hearthstone streaming and #TheDustOff action too!

The GANG Minute: Leaked Curse Of Naxxramas Photos, Steam Game Giveaways, And Flash Fiction

Missed the latest TGM (The GANG Minute) video? We got you covered! This week’s was a quick one.. Not really.

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Summer Vacation – How Do YOU Spend It?

July 2014 is going to be epic for the GANG..  But we’re taking baby steps.  It’s summer vacation for most of the world (well, at least here in the United States) so that means spending quality time with your family and loved ones..  And trying to stay sane. So how are you planning to spend your Summer, gang? Here at Geeky Antics we are going to squeeze in as much gaming as possible..  Many of us have fallen behind on our streaming but we will make up for it soon, we promise!  After all, we can’t let all those awesome games we picked up at GOG, Steam, Humble Bundle, or wherever go to waste!

As I mentioned in the TGM video, we will be releasing new podcasts this Summer.  Anyone into Doctor Who, Hearthstone, and/or game mechanics, amongst other topics should consider joining us!

monty-python-shaven apes

Flash Fiction & Other Creative Writing Pieces Are LIVE!

Our storytelling area is officially live and in full effect.  Right now, Stan Faryna (@Faryna) and J M Bell (@StartYourNovel) are our main contributors but we’ll also be featuring third-party stuff.  We’re leaning towards lesser-known authors such as Wil Wheaton and Nika Harper.  As always, this is our way of spreading the love and giving the “little guys” more UMPH.

Oh, and we have Monty Python!  I know we have some aspiring authors/writers out there so don’t be shy.  Share your creativity, fan fiction, and love!

…And now for something completely different…


Hearthstone Curse Of Naxxramas BREAKING NEWS

Blizzard finally got around to announcing their announcements and confirming the Curse Of Naxxramas pricing model.  As confirmed by Polygon:

One wing will cost $6.99 or 700 in-game gold. Blizzard will be selling bundles for people who want to buy multiple wings at once. Those who start playing during Curse of Naxxramas’ launch event can pay $19.99 for the four wings following the Arachnid Quarter.

If you pay for each Curse Of Naxxramas installment on it’s own, you’re looking at spending around $28 so the “season pass” seems like a great deal.  To clarify, there is one free wing to boot and then four additional ones.  Blizzard will make this a month-long roll-out..  It will be EPIC!

As promised, here are the leaked Curse Of Naxxramas photos! [Read more…]