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DISCLAIMER:  For your listening and viewing pleasure, we have marked our raciest events/shows as NSFW (Not Safe For Work).  Remember: the views and opinions expressed in each show are purely those of the hosts, guests, and callers.  The Geeky Antics network is not liable or accountable for any of the actions taken by their independent contributors.  Thank you for understanding and enjoy the shows!

If our community calendar does not display, scroll to the bottom for the old calendar.  The schedule is updated monthly and may not reflect the latest changes.

For our video and stream schedule, check out Geeky Antics TV on Twitch we are assembling a stream team!  The only requirement: don’t be an asshat. *wink*

Flagship Shows:

Pseudo & Supplemental Shows:

Our Sister Shows:

  • The B-Team PodcastTuesday – 9pm ET
  • R9Cast – Sunday – 7pm ET
  • Knuckleballer Radio – Thursday – 9pm ET
  • Zombie Cast – Monday – 8pm ET
  • 42 Level One – Tuesday – 5pm ET
  • Gaming History 101 – Tuesday – 7pm ET
  • A Worthy Opponent – Monday – 8pm ET (Holosuite Media)
  • Doctor Who Dark Journey – Varies (AM Audio Media)
  • Horrible Gamerz – Saturday – 9pm ET
  • Uncanny X-Bros – Varies – PRERECORDED

Other Syndicated & Supported Shows:

  • The Game Theory Podcast
  • The Angry Chicken
  • Into The Nexus
  • Doctor Of The Dead
  • Who Wars
  • Kasterborous Doctor Who Podcast
  • Retro Junkies Network
  • Tangent-Bound Network
  • Musings Of A Geek Network

Did You Know?  Here are some handy-dandy conversions! EDT/EST is 3 hours ahead of PDT/PST, 2 hours ahead of MDT/MST, and 1 hourt ahead of CDT/CST.

Theme Days & Hashtags:

  • #RetroFriday – Classics and retro-style games.  #RetroFriday is a joint effort between Yogizilla, Spydersvenom (Fred Rojas), and others to bring back the good ‘ol days of gaming.  You know, before games were regurgitated hand-holding crap.  It’s all about fun and uncovering the gems you may have missed!  Videos will be up on Yogizilla’s YouTube channel.  SEGA classics are his fave!
  • Sample Saturday – On Saturdays and Sundays, Yogi and gang will stream random games along with the usual staples in our playlists.  We invite you to do the same and use the hashtag.
  • #TheDustOff – You may sometimes see this tag or #DustOff on Twitter.  When this happens, it means someone is finally making a dent in their Steam, XBLA, PSN, or Humble Bundle library..  Or returning to an old game that maybe isn’t quite retro.

Community Events:

Giveaways and game nights will be announced during HorsePLAY! LIVE and on our HorsePLAY! Steam community group.  We’ll be doing more post-show game sessions after HorsePLAY! LIVE concludes around 1am EDT/EST.  Be sure to join our live show on Twitch to be included in the fun.  Currently playing Hearthstone, League Of Legends, Smite, DotA 2, Airmech, and MORE!

More great content and events COMING SOON! 

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Events in July 2020

  • There are no events scheduled during this period.
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