SATURDAY NOON ET: A #DoctorWho Podcast: What Do You Fear?

SATURDAY NOON ET: GANG’s #DoctorWho Podcast: Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 5

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Are you afraid of the dark?

Does fear hold you back or strengthen you?

What are your greatest fears?

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  1. I have toiled with the notion of fear.. I think it is a thing of beauty. Certainly, it is central to human nature or at least our psychology and motivations.

    I think about the portrayal of heroes as fearless, perhaps superhuman characters and it makes me face palm a bit. Fear helps us reach new heights. Fear motivates us to grow and connect with others. Being fearless, then, could be seen as inhuman.

    True courage is not being devoid of fear, it is identifying and facing fear. Perhaps that is what they are setting up for the Doctor? To me, that is beautiful. Understanding fear and really coming to terms with it breeds compassion, awareness, and appreciation of a whole new caliber. Is that not beauty? When we fear, we can stop to take a moment to take things in. We reflect, we observe, we become more in sync with our true selves.. That is, if we do not allow that fear to shut us down.

    Fear of the dark or silence, which go hand in hand in my mind, reflects a most basic human need: the need for warmth. Being alone, cold, isolated.. That is scary to me. I can’t think of any living being who could thrive, not just survive, alone.

    The Doctor did something brave in revealing his deep-seated fear of the dark. Sure, he required some hand holding but he still go there. It was a beautiful revelation but now he needs to really face the fear.

    I’d say the focus on fear highlights just how lonely and distraught the Doctor really is. He’s a tragic hero. Let’s just hope he does not wallow in that tragedy. That pain has to be transformed into strength and deeper, warmer human connections.

    This is where the companion-Doctor dynamic is so crucial. We need to see that empathetic, symbiotic relationship at work. We have come to expect that from the series. They really need to step things up now.

    I can relate to the Doctor. I try not to allow the darkness or silence to creep up on me or drown me. I like to listen to podcasts or music while I work. Even as I attempt sleep, I enjoy a little white noise. It is good to enjoy the silence and unplug sometimes. Meditation is huge.. But one can’t allow regret and doubts to take over during those moments.

    Maybe the Doctor is avoiding his own regrets, fears, and doubts.. Perhaps that is why the darkness had him so uneasy. Think about the Silence, one of the Doctor’s greatest foes.. They personify that emptiness and unrest that comes along with darkness and silence.

    There’s something there… What do you all think?

  2. Looking forward to timey wimey episode 5

    • Me neither, Gabriela! Still much more prep and testing to do. It’s gonna be a busy night! I’m fearful yet excited and optimistic!

      (See what I did there? *wink*)

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