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    I believe the Doctor took a big step in becoming the Doctor that we all expect. Clara’s actions in trying to do what she believes the Doctor would do has shown the Doctor how heartless he can appear to others. Clara didn’t seem to care about the individuals that were killed, but instead only focused on winning in the end.

    This trait was exhibited by the Doctor in episode 8 when he admitted he didn’t care how many people were sacrificed as long as he won in the end. Having this demonstrated by Clara seems to have had an effect on the Doctor. I believe he realizes that he needs to change this mindset that people are expendable when compared to the big picture. I also believe that this will be further reinforced in the following episode as children are involved.

    • Is there a line (or more) that the doctor says that evidences for you this examination of conscience?

      • There is a conversation between Clara and the Doctor when they enter the warehouse and Clara is telling the Doctor what she plans to do. The Doctor says something like, “Is that really what I sound like?” Also at the end of the episode when Clara is bugging the Doctor to say she did good, the Doctor seemed really disappointed.