Is Doctor Who A Proper Kid’s Show?

We have been having a debate whether or not Doctor Who is is still a kids show. In TWTT EP 6,  Yomar Lopez & Stan Faryna talk about whether or not Doctor Who is appropriate for kids. Yomar & myself think Stan is over-thinking things. I wouldn’t say its a show just for kids, rather than a family-oriented show where you can watch with your family or your children can learn something from it as well. I know what you are thinking, ” So KiNg, You are telling me my kids can learn something from TV other than rotting their brain cells?”, YES! Yes they can. I will touch on that subject in a sec, but first a brief introduction:

I am a father, blogger, Browncoat, gamer, geek, graphic designer, techie, vaping enthusiast, and Whovian. I have a <3 for ampersands, & just plain out of my mind.  Now that that’s over, thanks Yomar, on with the show!

Do you think Doctor Who is just a revisited & reimagined show from the 60’s with a silly man in a blue box?

If you said yes, then you are correct, but it is more than bow ties, fezzes, fish fingers & custard.  If we know where to look the Doctor can teach our children some very important lessons.

You Are Fantastic

If it is the only lesson your children ever take from this Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey series, then that is enough. They are fantastic. The Doctor teaches us to be the best that we can be & sees that in everyone, but he also values himself & that is such an important understanding to have. In the words of the Ninth Doctor
You were fantastic, & you know what? So was I!

You Were Fantastic - The Ninth Doctor Played By Christopher Eccleston

Friends Are Important

Rose Tyler’s painful goodbye,  the first companion ever to die, The Doctor shows how significant it is to have friends & to trust them. The 10th Doctor would never take pity on anyone when he is alone, he is Fire & Rage but when with a companion he is passionate, & caring. It shows us why we need our friends to help us stay on track & to give us a slap (or a gentle nudge) when we’re out of line

Change Is Good

Children experience change throughout their young, delicate lives – from growing to finding their feet to being taken around the world by their parents. The Doctor regenerates, he becomes someone new & he faces each change with eagerness & joy. Change means success & evolution & the Doctor makes this light.

Slavery Is Wrong

When we meet the Ood it’s with the 10th Doctor on the Impossible Planet. They are a race of slaves performing simple tasks for humans & have no rights or better yet names. In Planet of the Ood you find that they have been maimed & suppressed & the message hits home. It helps parents with a way to answer some of life’s difficult questions.

Face Your Fear

Love & fear are two of life’s most consistent feelings & they can bring  great pain. The Doctor teaches that you don’t need violence to solve your problems. Instead of weapons he brings playfulness, knowledge & hope. He doesn’t love his enemies, the Daleks for instance, he won’t be inviting them for tea & crumpets, but he doesn’t kill unless he ABSOLUTELY has to.


This show provides insights on tolerance that have strong reflections in the world today. Religion, ethnicity & economic status are heavy in our world & the show can give children the tools they need to get passed it. The Doctor’s Daughter has given the Doctor a life lesson in acceptance as he comprehends that his daughter is a clone, is as real & as important as he, & the inhabitants of the planet Messaline realize the price of prejudice & find a way to over come it.
Xenophobe 1987 Video Game Splash Screen

Xenophobe, Published By Bally Midway In 1987 | Unrelated but still pretty cool!

Xenophobia Is Insignificant 

The Daleks destroy anyone who are not Daleks. They believe that any other species are inferior & not worthy of living. During every regeneration of the Doctor we are presented how much he detests the Daleks  & why their xenophobia is the main reason for his intense dislike to them. He values all of life & never sees race, color, or creed.  This further ties into the themes of tolerance and compassion.


The girl who waited, Amy Pond,  she received her reward tenfold. One thing that the 11th Doctor taught us is that sometimes people & places are worth waiting for & that we need to stop & take a breath,  see where life takes us.  [ EDITOR’S NOTE:  Spoiler!  Rory also waited for Amy..  2000 years, no less!  If that’s not patience, I don’t know what is. ]

An Eagerness For Life

As much as wibbly-wobby & wimey time may be, it is also your own. The show does one thing splendidly: it shows our children that taking risks, opening doors & jumping out into new surroundings is an experience in itself. We may not be able to visit the resort planet Midnight & see the waterfall made of sapphires, but we can try something new & different whenever we want.

Nothing Lasts Forever

The list of deaths & departures is long & sad. People come in & out of your life & bless it in many different ways. Children often find losing friends quite tough & sometimes it is worth showing that to them even in Doctor Who the loss hurts, but lives are better for the meeting & the knowing that person.


Nick works with A/V setups and production for a living.He also does graphic design and dabbles in the shinobi mystical arts in his spare time..but mostly he watches WAY too much anime and television - awwww, GEEK OUT!

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