Twitch Viewer Bots–any way to stop them?

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    Is there ANY way to stop being viewer botted? Or is there a chat program of some kind out there to detect bots and get rid of them?

    I was viewer botted last night and had to sign off my stream because it was so bad. I want to legitimately get viewers, not have them botted and falsely pad my numbers.


    F8tl Blades

    Sadly Twitch doesn’t have a good way to combat this problem however they have said that if you are view botted by someone try to figure out who did it and report them also if they admit it take a screen shot in case they do try to suspend you. for the most part due to this being a growing issue they are not suspending people for view botting cause they are aware this is happening.

    One thing i have seen some streamers do that where running into this problem is they have to bring down their stream for a little bit like 5-10 minutes then they boot it back up and the bots have left the chat. it is also a good way to see who may be botting you by having mods keep a close eye on the viewer list and look for the common problem who isn’t a regular view but present when it keeps happening.

    Sadly none of these are perfect solutions however they might help you to mitigate the issue. hope this helps.



    Thanks. It’s only happened one more time since then, but I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂



    I wouldn’t worry about it. Twitch staff has said they can figure out who is booting and won’t hold the streamers accountable automatically. Furthermore, tons of partnered and top streamers view bot and use other borderline hacking methods. It’s not something they are aggressively pursuing, TBH. =o)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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