The Truth About Team Comps

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    Team compositions is something a lot of traditional MOBA players get stuck on after playing LoL and DotA 2 very heavily. Blizzard reveals statistics months ago on the win rates of various team comps and match-ups. The numbers may have shifted a bit but, with the player base only growing from here on out, I don’t see too much variance beyond these results:

    There are a few things to note here. Supports are always useful, likely because it’s clear how to use them to help your team out. Conversely, Warriors take more finesse and experience to use effectively.

    My experience mirrors these statistics and findings very closely. Supports tend to stick with their teams and only fail to deliver value when they die constantly or stay alone. Warriors, on the other hand, can actually hurt a team if they are not initiating battles properly and disengaging when appropriate. A Warrior caught out on his own means his team is constantly pushing and fighting one man/woman less.

    We’ve experimented with unusual team comps to see what results we get in Quick Match. Running two Warriors with any mix thereof was the least useful unless we group up and we either had constant frontline Support or enough DPS to clean up team battles while the Warriors tanked and displaced enemies.

    On the flip side, duo-support works in almost any other compositions because we’re able to siege and damage enemies with minimal risk and casualties. When things get hairy, good Supports often help you get away, regroup, and turn back when appropriate. Disengage is the key here.

    Duo or even tri-Specialist comps are something we’d like to see more hard numbers on. They have worked well for us because there are Specialists like Nazeebo and Sylvanas who have high survivability and DPS potential. This makes them equally value in team fights and sieging. The trick to heavy Specialist/siege comps seems to be aggressive lane pushes and sieging to build XP leads or close gaps by taking key structures down.

    When team fights consistently go bad, getting lanes pushed back efficiently helps create momentum in favor of your team. It’s quite brilliant but you need cohesive teamwork and focus to get it to work. Map awareness, as always, is huge because it is possible to over-commit and get taken out before there is enough damage output and pushing accomplished. In these cases, you can hope for a lucky escape or at least a worthwhile trade.

    What do you think?

    Do you feel team compositions are important or is it more about playing up your team strengths?

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