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    Thinking about playing Planetside 2 again. It’s on Steam and is free to play. Once my schedule normals out, I’m thinking of streaming it. Think of it like Battlefield but in the future. And instead of 4v4, 6v6, 32v32, it’s 2000 players per continent. Battle are absolutely intense between the 3 factions. I’m partial to Terran Republic. Here is a shameless refer a friend link if you are interested. 🙂



    Been a while since I’ve played Planetside 2. Spathizilla was big on it but not sure if he still plays. I like the Halo and Tribes vibe it has with a massive scale that even puts Battlefield to shame.. The only thing is that the battles can be stale at times. Lots of pew-pew-pew-hide-pew-pew-pew-hide. Haha.. Is it still like that or a little more fast-paced?



    Over 1 year later.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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