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    I started a little bit of a rant/thinking-out-loud type discussion on our HorsePLAY!/Geeky Antics Steam community group. We’ve had MOBAs on our minds. Dawngate is a big part of the reason too!

    I find that seasoned MOBA players tend to scare away new players by getting TOO detailed and doing a data dump. Sure, learning the items, characters, abilities, etc. is great but the basics are the most crucial part.. And that stuff is far less intimidating.

    Here are the MOBA basics:

    • Be aware of the minimap and surroundings.
    • Use pings and communicate – at the very least as soon as you notice enemies are missing (MIA).
    • Stay positive. Salty attitudes discourage teammates and cause more losses. Self-fulfilling prophecies are a thing, kids!
    • Focus on your play instead of others. Everyone has room for improvement.. Even the pros.
    • Don’t be scared to break the meta.. You might get criticized but some people are followers and others are leaders.
    • A good “init” (starting a battle) is typically one where you have an isolated enemy, proper warding (and other enemies accounted for), and immediate support.
    • Don’t chase enemies.. Even if they are low on health. Chances are it’s a bait.
    • Prioritize base defense and objectives over kills. Winning team battles means less if you are losing your defenses and objectives.
    • Place wards close enough that they help but far enough that you have enough time to react.. Often, wards are free or dirt cheap – vision wins games!!

    You can probably consolidate that list into more simple terms but the idea is clear: the things people have the most issues with in MOBAs are the core mechanics, not the little nuances that you will pick up with experience. You see, it’s easy enough to watch tutorial videos and pro players to copy their builds and combos.. But bad habits require more awareness. Teamwork is not something you can just copy from someone else.

    What do you guys think? I’d like to hear from the MOBA newbs out there like Stan F and Chris G.. I know you guys feel like sometimes MOBAs are over-complicated and I agree. It does not have to be so intimidating. 8)



    Another thing I would like to add to the discussion is this: KD ratio is not the end-all, be-all metric to go by.. Not even KDA. If you are not taking objectives and working as a team, no individual performance is enough to carry everyone. Some MOBAs may allow for hard carries but it’s not typical.

    Furthermore, having a nice KDA does not justify being a know-it-all or employing caustic glibness. Elitism is a great way to hurt a community and ruin an otherwise great game, folks. ;o)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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