Flash Fiction: Creepy by @Faryna

Creepy by @Faryna


by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna & The Blue Sky - Stan The Marketing Man!


Anais texted Anca and Cristina.

Bonjour! Cristina, you can do way better than John.

Stop looking at him!


John’s serious. In a creepy way. He’s not fun. Not funny.

Did I mention that he fucked up everything in the game?

Yeah, he’s a creeper…


Oh, I know! Like how he expects us to play nice. Or give the noobs a chance to figure things out. Fuck that!

They aren’t paying my rent!

John’s a total control freak.

Fuck that! I’ll do whatever I want. It’s bank or bust and I do bank, fuck you very much, Mr. Do Right.

What kind of future can you have with a boy that makes life harder than it has to be? Or even a game?!


What you want is a wolf. Every woman wants a wolf in her bed.



Anais and Anca laughed.


John’s no wolf.

He’s just a creeper. Like a funeral director.

Like that old woman that goes to the church every morning with her husband and she always gives me stink eye on her way because her husband can’t wait to see a little cheek as the hem of my mini skirt inches up with each step.

It’s out of her hands. She can’t change her husband and she can’t tell me what to wear. Fuck that creepy, old bag!

Cristina Viktor

Cristina Viktor


Hmmm, still, I like him. What if he’s the one for me?!

Ok, there’s something about him that is different. So he’s not just another jerk that’s just looking out for himself and thinks everyone else can go to hell. If he cares about other people, like you say, tell me why that’s a bad thing?

So John’s different. Fine. But if that difference has dignity – you know, I think that’s hot. Really fucking hot!

I want more than dick.

I want a man. I want true love. I want it all. I want forever. I deserve it. We all do.

Why settle for dick?


Tel qui rit vendredi dimanche pleurera!

[Laugh on Friday, cry on Sunday.]


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  1. Thanks Stan

  2. A little too much truth. Like a truck. It kind of makes me feel small and unloveable.
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  3. Excellent flash fiction. Insightful and honest. It has everything that I want from great writing.

    I also liked the story about the girl that finds the head of her husband in the red dumpster.
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