Every Day Carry: What’s In Your Bug-Out Bag?

By Rachel Drummond

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you may have seen the reports of major bushfires in Victoria. While this is nothing new, it made me think of something that preppers are known for. The Bug Out Bag. It’s that bag that we who believe in preparedness are mocked for by those who have no idea what it really is. Everybody, in one shape or other, has a bug out bag, or if you like, it’s younger sister the every-day carry bag. Some are just poorly equipped. Men have their wallets, women have their handbags Soldiers.. well NO-ONE is more equipped than they are.

I have two bags now. I have my BOB in my car, something that if I didn’t have, I would have had to turn in my apocalypse card. As a nurse though, I’ve had to carry what amounts to an EDC. In aged care, this was a pouch that consisted of ID, scissors, tape, pens (many, many pens), Handover sheet, alcohol (swabs!! gee, I’m a little more professional than that!) and I usually throw a simple dressing in there at the start of the shift. trust me, it’s needed more often than not, and having it on me saves a lot of time!

I was looking through my pouch this morning though. Thinking about what I would have to change going into the hospital. As of an hour ago, it is almost three times as thick. Just from what I have at home, I’ve found room for my stethoscope torch and diary. I have no idea what else I’m going to have to make room for in there or what I won’t be using as much of. I have so many things I would love to take with me (My ‘nursing for dummies’ first and foremost among these).

That’s my EDC. Are there any nurses out there who have suggestions on what to add to my EDC? What is something you have in yours that you never use? Do you have a non-nursing EDC or your own BOB?

Actually,  maybe don’t list your name if you have a BOB. I’m pretty sure there are Neegans out there taking advantage of pre-apocalypse information and taking a list of potential ‘cash-cows’. There is already a possibility that I’m going to be getting some nasty comments from nurses who have know their EDC is priceless and are not happy that I painted a target on their back.

I will leave you with a small tip though. When the SHTF, make sure you have a nurse or a doctor with you. Trust me, you’ll need them in your group.

AFTERWORD: Ha! How’s that for multi-tasking, nursing, zombies and prepper talk all wrapped up in one neat little pack.

"The South Forsaken" Rachel Drummond

Want more?  Check out Rachel Drummond’s survival “handbook”, The South Forsaken.  BTW, she is a gamer, podcaster, and a Naruto fan..  Truly an uber geek and awesome friend to have – we love you, Rachel!


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Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi! I am the founder of GANG. My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online. My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design. I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!


  1. My Emergency Car Bag:

    1. Light
    2. Phone Charger/Battery
    3. Leatherman
    4. Bear-size Pepper Spray
    5. 3 MREs
    6. A gallon of water
    7. Emergency blanket
    8. Roadside Flares
    9. Bible
    10. Woodsman Pal
    11. Some pairs of clean socks and underwear
    12. Work Gloves
    13. Medical Kit

    • Clean socks, Bible, and Leatherman.. Do not underestimate any of these. Reliable light and heat sources are key too. Like matches and the crankable light-radio combos. Whatcha think?

    • Are we talking about an emergency bag that’s in your car or an emergency bag for your car? Because I’d add jumper cables, tire gauge, and a towel to the mix if it’s for my car.

      • It’s a bit of a loaded question/issue, eh? You could say a bug-out bag and EDC are different things. The foremost is more what you bring with you everywhere and the latter is more what you would use if things really get hairy. I’d be curious to see a follow-up discussion about the things we value most. If you could only take so many things with you and had to leave/move suddenly, what would you bring with you? That always makes for an interesting discussion. It’s really hard to be in a position to just let go and start off fresh, after all.

  2. Hello, fellow nurse! We’re certainly known for having practically everything stuffed in our pockets, aren’t we? Of course my “duty” EDC at the office is different from my out and about EDC. After I upgraded to a different bag – Everest digital camouflage over-the-shoulder bag – I accumulated more stuff. I have a tactical folder knife, flashlight, fire-starting kit, mult-tool card, magnifying card, mini 1st aid kit, mini sewing kit, handgun with extra mag and box of ammo, usual wallet stuff. I’m always adjusting though.

  3. Good tip to have a nurse and a doctor but i would suggest to add a soldier since they are more equipped than anyone! lol!

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