#DoctorWho Weekend Starting September 12th 2014 – With @GadaboutGamer, @Yogizilla, and @Faryna!

Greetings and salutations, fellow Whovians, geeks, and creatives!

We have tons of updates, musings, and excitement to share with you so let’s jump right to it.  In case you missed our announcements on #TWTT EP3.5, the video has materialized below, for your enjoyment.  Stan Faryna also put together another lovely recap of what our community is calling the “Best Ever Doctor Who Podcast”.

Doctor Who - Doctor Who Catchphrases - Fantastic, Brilliant, Cool - Animated GIF

Fantastic!  Brilliant!  Cool!

Doctor Who Weekend – Timey Wimey Tea Time! #GeeksUnite

At 5pm Eastern / 10pm GMT today, September 12th, we’ll be doing a special Doctor Who Legacy Q&A with developers, Tiny Rebel Games, in collaboration with the fine folks of 42 Level 1.  Come hang out with me, Ali, and the AllGames community.  Since the Q&A will focus on this wonderful little mobile game, please keep questions related to the game itself and not the series.  Can you contain your Doctor Who love until Saturday morning? The developers have seen ahead so let’s not tempt them to spoil what’s to come (they really can’t, anyway).

Join The LIVE Chathttp://www.allgames.com/live

Come get some awesome!

We’ll be following up with the premiere of the Timey-Wimey Tea Time experience on AllGames on Saturday, September 13th, at 9am Eastern / 4pm GMT.  Stan and I will be traveling afterwards but we hope to follow up on Sunday with some Doctor Who marathons and, perhaps, inconceivable community events. I’m thinking group viewings and giveaways – if we see the love going on here in the comments.

Speaking of giveaways, there will be plenty during the Doctor Who Legacy special event.  In fact, everyone will get in-game items for Doctor Who Legacy just for showing up!


The GANG Doubled On YouTube

We have to mention this now: thanks to your fantastic support, our GeekyAntics YouTube channel subscribers have doubled in just a week. That’s how you grow a community.

The #TWTT community is growing geometrically and your enthusiastic support is overwhelming – in a good way!

Keep the voicemail messages, comments, faves, and shares coming! Even if we don’t always mention it, we are taking notice. It fills our hearts with joy to see so much love and beauty in the Doctor Who fan community!

Casa / Studio @Faryna Photo Journal

Here are a few photos from our adventures thus far.

I am visiting Stan Faryna for a week so we’ve been setting up to produce tons more content and brainstorm some wonderful things.  For more photos, look up me, Yogizilla, on Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare, Pinterest, etc.

Yogi Wearing Dre Beats Studio Headphones - Studio Faryna

Me looking rather pensive as I prepare podcast show notes.

The War Room At Casa Faryna | Studio @Faryna

Our setup is almost 100% complete. Looking rather professional!

Bedhead Stan Faryna - Obligatory Bathroom Selfie

Obligatory bathroom selfie with Stan @Faryna. Now who’s the sexy latin lover?

Yogizilla Regeneration - The Fourteenth Doctor - Doctor Who UP

Not sure what triggered the regeneration but I am quite shiny here!

Geeky Stan - OMG Face

Stan is looking rather fresh-faced and youthful here.. Gotta love the OMG or “O” face!


 We love you all!  Here’s a snippet from a song that always fills me with great joy, compassion, and love…

“All I am is yours.”

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  1. If you missed the AllGames LIVE/IRC chat earlier, here is the code for the Doctor Who: Legacy 9th Doctor unlock PLUS 1 free time crystal!


    It’s a limited-time code so use it ASAP, Whovians. Be sure to show Tiny Rebel Games some love on their Facebook page, too. They recently hit 100K likes without paying for ads or fans… FANTASTIC! =oD

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