Happy Cinco De Mayo – Celebrate Blizzard & Gaming With Us!

YAYAYAY – Happy Cinco De Mayo! *takes a shot*

Tonight, May 5th 2015, we’ll be drinking, probably drunk-streaming, and counting down to the Heroes Of The Storm open beta on May 19th.  We’re counting down to the big Heroes Of The Storm full launch on June 2nd 2015, too.  Lots of Blizzard fanboy status going on.  Plus it’s a good excuse to drink if you’re of age.  Who’s with us?

In our May 4th/5th The G.A.N.G. Minute vlog, we discuss tons of great stuff, including:

  • Yogizilla returns to streaming?
  • Cinco De Mayo late-night Twitch stream plans – to be multicasted on channels GeekyAntics and Yogizilla!
  • Back on Hearthstone, SolForge, Scrolls, and indie games for the strum, yo.
  • Heroes Of The Storm release dates announced: May 19th and June 2nd.
  • We still have Heroes Of The Storm beta keys for our geeky friends.
  • Comcast backpedals on broadband data usage charges.
  • FCC regulations, net neutrality, and Internet as a public utility – what does it all really mean?
  • Jedmartinez25 chimes in about how Internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.  Agreed!
  • Welcome Beard_And_Hat to #TheGANG!
  • Beard_And_Hat advocates Don’t Starve, PS4, and Mag!
  • Blizzard Battle Tag Exchange – join us for Blizzard gaming fun!!
  • BM and toxicity makes it way into Heroes Of The Storm, sadly.
  • Heroes of the Storm is all about raw teamwork.  #WordUp
  • Shout-outs to Cupcakeeenvy, CupcakeNoms, MaidenShyWhiteWolf, RenayeBones, BFT9000, Linkwall, ObioneX2, Melissaaaxd, Jedmartinez25, and F8tl_Blades.
  • Check out our awesome sponsors including ShinyPrints.com -the place to get durable, high-quality, beautiful photo and art print solutions!
  • We miss Internet cafes and arcades.
  • #GamerGate returns.  Are media portrayals skewed?  Is it just the gaming industry that is corrupt?
  • Yogi’s quest to get his gaming rig back up and running.
  • Yogizilla is back on #TeamXBox – XBox One HYPE!!!
  • …And MORE!

Read on for more info on our Cinco De Mayo gaming and drinking plans!

Deckbuilding Games (TCG/CCG) - Hearthstone, Scrolls, SolForge - We LOVE them!

Anyway, for our Cinco De Mayo virtual party, we’ll be returning to our roots in deckbuilding and indie games. I, Yogizilla, will be playing Hearthstone mainly, perhaps splashing in some Scrolls and SolForge.  Got to get my Blackrock Mountain on, y0!

Not only are we celebrating a ramp-up in streaming and podcasting, but also our never-ending love for Blizzard games.  Heroes Of The Storm and Hearthstone HYPE!

Remember: we are exactly two weeks out from the open beta for HotS.  You can join us now.  We have Heroes Of The Storm beta keys for our friends.  Come and get them!

After the main stream event ends, there will likely be GTA V, CS:GO, and, of course, Heroes Of The Storm!  If you’re still not in on the closed beta, we have keys.  Get in before the salty dogs invade our happy little community.  Make sure you register on GeekyAntics.net and join us in the forums.  We’d love to get to know you!

The stream should start around 9pm EST / 6pm PST, assuming I’m not put on cooking/clean-up duty again (family is OP).  It’s going to be a late-night regardless.  Our friends at TheWorstRadioShow (Worst Radio Show Podcast) will also be doing a Cinco De Mayo Stream.  Destiny and Mortal Kombat X are currently on rotation.

See you tonight – 18 and over only (21 to drink), please!

The Worst Radio Show

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  1. i will always advocate for don’t starve and mag. can’t wait to be able to join you on a podcast some day.

    • I admire your passion, bud, and your unique perspective would certainly be awesome to have in on our conversations. Soon, my friend, SOON! We’ll have to discuss our upcoming launches further so we can work around your schedule, perhaps doing some pre-recorded content. 8)

  2. Shout if you see me online, I’ll pop in.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Saul! Anyone who does marketing should check out Saul’s platform and the wonderful tools there. RiteTag.com – go there now! =o)

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