Cats Vs. Dogs – Why Cats Are Awesome Yet Often Misunderstood – PLUS A Poll!

I love all animals but it’s no secret that I have a soft spot for cats.  Here is a brief love letter to cats, the under-appreciated stars of social media and homes around the world.  Don’t forget to take the polls!

Why do we love cats so much?  Maybe it’s the fact that they are not easily won over.  You really have to earn a cat’s love and trust.  Maybe it’s the subtle ways they show their appreciation.  It’s like figuring out a mystery.  I find myself fine-tuning my observation skills just trying to observe our cats.  Maybe it’s simply because they’re just so cute.  Just look at this kitten below, just begging to be rubbed and/or played with!

If you really can’t stand the “cat propaganda” (I’m looking at YOU Kevin..  LOL), scroll down for the poll..  but, really, hear me out.  I have a case to make here! *wink*

Super cute kitten is laying down, ready to play and/or be rubbed!

Cats are independent and self-sufficient.  They’re arguably moody and choosy.  Some consider this a bonus, others feel it simply makes them jerks.  I say they just have more personality than your average dog because, let’s face it: most dogs will be your best friend once you feed them.  For those that think cats have no loyalties or are indifferent, maybe you have trouble forging bonds.  I’ve had cats wait at the door when they accidentally got left outside.  Bloo often knocks on my door just to hang out with me in the man cave, too.

Bloo In A Human Pose | Bloo Says, "Sup."

Bloo chillin’ like a villain.

I have a theory about people that don’t like cats: they are usually people with serious trust issues and/or a huge need to be the center of attention.  Cats have a way of seeing into your soul so, if you have something to hide, chances are you won’t like cats.  So far, it checks out with everyone I know.  One friend whom I love dearly comes to mind: they don’t add people to Facebook unless they vet them first..  And they use alter egos and pseudonyms when they’re online.  They’re the kind of people that freak out when you tag them or mention them in a social share.  That level of paranoia and anti-social behavior surely does not mesh with feline co-habitation!

Kitty says, "Why don't you love me?"

Why don’t you love me? *tilts head*

Here are some links related to weird people who hate cats.  It seems I’m not the only one suspcious of animal haters and cat agnostics!

In my experience, hardcore anti-cat people are abrasive, insecure, paranoid, or just plain annoying.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  Correlation does not equate causation..  Of course, my cats have had a good track record of picking out the really turds in my circles of friends and family.  I feel cats are more connected with the spirit world, emotions, and impending threats..  Most dogs we’ve had just bark at just about anything because, well, they’re lovable dumb creatures like that.

The following is our latest poll on the @GeekyAntics Twitter..  Hopefully it doesn’t break anything!  You should vote for cats on Twitter, too – before it’s too late!

All I know is that, throughout my life, cats have helped me and my loved ones through some tough times.  While our dogs have been great friends, our cats have been the ones to create the most memorable moments and really come through for us when it counts most.  You might think I’m like the crazy cat lady down the hall and maybe that’s partly true but, seriously, our pets are family to me…  Especially our cats.  When something happens to them, it seriously bums me out.  Seriously.

So maybe we’ll never see the cat equivalent of Lassie..  But cats come to the rescue in their own little ways.  Never under-value the healing power of laughter or purring.  Cats leap to the rescue when you least expect them!  Heck, I’m sure Lassie pooped into plenty of shows and chewed everything to hell off-camera, anyway!

Kitty leaps to the rescue - WHEEEEE!

Speaking of the curative power of purring, there are lots of health benefits to having feline companions.  There’s serious science and math backing up these claims too.  Don’t believe me?  Fine, here’s an infographic on cat purring health benefits (click to expand to full size).  Infographics don’t lie!

The healing power of cats and purring!

[ Courtesy: Health Impact News ]

Thanks to Health Impact News for sharing that infographic..  And thanks to The Cat Site and other sources that help fight for feline rights!  Stop the racism!  LOL

Now, all jokes aside, I don’t think cats and dogs are mutually exclusive.  In fact, they get along well when raised together.  I just don’t like all the ungrounded hate towards cats.  I mean, if we have bad experiences with a few people from a culture, ethnicity, country, or whatever, do we just write off their entire group?  No..  That’s not fair.  So why are we placing all cats in a box and writing “assholes” on it?  It really makes me upset.

All right, so this is not a post fighting for a big cause like cancer research, feeding the homeless, or restoring a country..  But sometimes the little battles are just as important.  I find the disdain towards cats leads to cruelty that is simply not right.  Did you know that over 80% of sheltered and strayed animals are killed?  Cats are in the majority, too.  These numbers are according to the American Humane Society and other sources so the actual numbers are probably much higher.  It seriously pisses me off.  We fight to protect our children but then we act like animals have no rights or feelings.  FUCK THAT!

Let's stand up for cats around the world!

Let’s stand up for cats around the world!

*takes a deep breath calms down a bit*

Before you vote on your preferred furry companion, I want to share a few fun facts about cats that may change how you perceive them.  Here are some things about cats you may not know (and probably should) before owning or interacting with one:

  • Staring at a cat is considered a sign of aggression.
  • If you blink your eyes slowly and lower your head a bit when making eye contact, you’ll let a cat know you love them and mean no harm.
  • If a cat lays on it’s back exposing their tummy, it is a huge sign of trust.
  • Most cats do not like their bellies rubbed.
  • Most cats DO like when you gently stroke their noses (it may put them to sleep).
  • If a cat comes to you and bumps their head against your hand, they probably want some lovin.
  • Petting their scent glands (like on their chin or cheeks) is usually a winner in the kitty book!
  • Every cat has a preference for petting style.
  • Touching a cats face too much is a sure-fire way to piss them off.
  • Cats are defensive and skittish because they’ve had to deal with asshole human beings.
  • Potty training a cat with litter box or even a toilet is much easier than doing so with a dog, especially those pesky small breeds!
  • There are large breed cats like the Lynx and Savannah if small things freak you out.
  • Cats are actually lactose intolerant, particularly as they get older.
  • NEVER give cats chocolate, garlic, or onions.
  • Cats are usually smarter about not eating things that will fuck them up.
  • Give a cat a box, some yearn, or even plastic bags and they’ll be entertained for hours on end – on the cheap!
  • Make your home cat-friendly by giving them their own personal space, high places for naps/walking, and scratching posts.
  • Don’t scold a cat if they do something bad.  This doesn’t work well with cats or dogs, really.
  • If you’re loud or mean, they’ll only remember that you’re a real jerk.

I can share many more tidbits about cats but now it’s time to vote.  The Twitter poll is probably expired now so here’s our own poll!  Vote for cats and get a free kitty hug!

Kitty snuggles up with bunny toy.


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Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi! I am the founder of GANG. My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online. My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design. I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!


  1. Cats are pretty cool. I just hate to see them super neglected. I had an ex that had 2 cats and she kept them in 2 big arse cages. But she never reallt let them out. Was a real shame really.

    • Yeah that is abusive. I mean, if the you worry about clawing you can buy or build scratching posts. Declawing is okay if they are strictly indoor cats. The problem is that people get pets and then don’t want to spend time with them or be bothered.. That attitude goes on to parenting human children too. It really burns me up!

    • Yeah man. Pets are like kids. They need attention and nurturing. Some folks treat animals like personal possessions and neglect them a lot. Really upsetting.

  2. I love me some cats!!!!! It was especially interesting to read about how their purring can help you with various health issues. Makes me want a 2nd lil kitty now ^.^ THANK ya YOGI 4 this wonderful article!

    • YAY Ricka! Not sure how I missed the notification but YES – cats are awesome! Now you are even MORE AWESOME (if that’s even possible) in my book!!!

      Seriously, when folks have a strong distaste or hate for cats, I have to question them as a human being.. I find it is an early warning for insecure, distrusting, or perhaps just shady people. LOL

      Don’t get me wrong: I love all animals. We have cats and dogs in our household.. But cats win for me in the end. =o]

  3. We all know that a cat and a dog can’t be together. Unless one of them gives love and be accepted by the other. But keeping a cute and cuddly cat is an advantage. Cats give a love that no dogs can be compared and their stares are irresistible.

    • Pal, I agree on all counts except for cats and dogs not being able to hang.. Our cats love my American Bulldog/Boxer mix, Lylah.. The other dogs, not so much, but nobody likes those little noisemakers anyway. Darn small dogs always over-compensate! =oX

  4. I just want everyone to know that I currently do not trust about 58% of you. =oX

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