Extra Life & Twitch Stream Teams: How They [Should] Work & Why They Fail

With around four weeks left until our Extra Life 2016 Twitch marathon, we’ve been thinking a lot more about online teams, communities, and tribes.  You see, we know they work and that they’re the only way to cut through the noise and unfair advantages huge brands have..  Yet the comfort people find in anonymity and lurking has become a major barrier.

Every week, we receive hundreds, if not thousands, of solicitations from folks that want to advertise with us, hire us, sell us a product, or join our stream team.  The latter has become particularly prominent, which is great, but folks think all it takes to join a team is a quick tweet or comment.  On Twitch, stream teams are essentially the following:

  • People join to siphon viewers from others.
  • They name drop when it’s convenient for them and makes them look good.
  • Individual team members rarely interact or acknowledge each other.
  • The people at the top get richer while the folks at the bottom continue to struggle.
  • You wouldn’t know they were a team if it weren’t for the “playing as” text.
  • Everyone is too busy promoting their own stuff to share and play nice.
  • The rich get richer, the poor get poorer (hmmm, that seems to be a recurring theme).

The Rich Get Richer

This is a terrible model and we are setting out to fix it, whether we’re partnered with Twitch or not.  The first phase is education.  We’re growing awareness about the abuse and ignorance that keeps us little people struggling.  Meanwhile, we’re identifying the best practices to make us as efficient as possible – so we have more free time to nurture relationships and do the little things you can’t automate!

Of course, we can create tools, systems, and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) but it still falls upon the individuals to live out those values and do the work.  I know I’ve been on the soap box a lot lately but I hope that I impress upon everyone just how important what we are doing really is.  It’s a long road ahead, certainly, but we’ve had big wins and will continue to push forward.  Let’s briefly look at what we hope to accomplish as we head into 2017 and beyond!

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73 | Kanan #7

By theretrojunkies@theretrojunkies.com (Retro Junkies Network)

Discussion and review of Marvel comic book, Kanan issue 7 by Greg Weisman and our boy, Pepe Larraz.

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124 – Lost Luggage and Shark Attack by Apollo

By theretrojunkies@theretrojunkies.com (Retro Junkies Network)

After quite a long delay, episode 124 featuring Lost Luggage and Shark Attack is finally available. Thank you once again for your patience. Coming up in July will be an all-Epyx episode featuring Winter, Summer, and California Games. You can send your thoughts on these games or any others that I’ve done to me at 2600gamebygame@gmail.com. I sincerely hope you are all enjoying your summer, thanks for listening and I will see you all soon!

Ernie Runyon interview by Scott Stilphen
Ed Salvo interview by Scott Stilphen
Lochjaw Easter Eggs on 2600 Connection (Shark Attack Easter Eggs are about the same)
How to Beat the Home Video Games: Shark Attack
Lost Luggage jingle by Byron Parks
PM Magazine Games by Apollo piece
No Swear Gamer 250 – Shark Attack (Phil LOOOOOVES sharks)
No Swear Gamer 254 – Lost Luggage
Rama’s Youtube channel
Easy To Learn, Hard To Master: The Fate of Atari Kickstarter campaign by 8bit generation
Super Podcast Bros. Podcast
Bill’s Atari 8 bit Ads blog post about buying his Atari 400
Atari 2600 vs Channel F Chess on AA
Atari Party 2016!

Check out Jose’s awesome spreadsheet for the list of games I’ve already done, with links to the episodes! Thank you Jose!
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A Worthy Opponent Turn 130: Time to Skeram?

By awohearthstone@gmail.com (Holosuite Media)

On Turn 130 of A Worthy Opponent, Blacklace and Autumnsbane review the last of the neutral cards from Whispers of the Old Gods and discuss the recent Tavern Brawl. They also reveal some other news… Latest Turn: Take a listen […] [ More Podcast Goodness ]

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TWTT EP54 – Freeform Banter, E3 2016 & Mild Tohubohu

By yomar.lopez@gmail.com (Yomar Lopez a.k.a. @Yogizilla | http://twitter.com/Yogizilla | http://bit.ly/gangtip)

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The B-Team Episode 370 for June 24, 2016

By contact@thebteampodcast.com (Captin Chaos, Gadget Man 007, Sworen, and Spydersvenom)

    Hard reset Redux
    Starcraft 2 Co-op
    RE 7 demo

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A Worthy Opponent Turn 129: You No Take Tentacle

By awohearthstone@gmail.com (Holosuite Media)

On Turn 129 of A Worthy Opponent, Blacklace and Autumnsbane discuss the neutral cards from Whispers of the Old Gods. Listener emails are read, Blacklace plays with someone’s deck and of course there is Clobberin’ Time. Latest Turn: Take a […] [ More Podcast Goodness ]

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365 #42.5 First Ever 365 In The Bank Contract Match, Plus Title Defence

By 365Flicks Podcast

That’s right people the Money in the Bank has just happened and the lads decided that while Kev had to put the belt on the line against Chris. They would also open the floodgates to any and all contenders. What did that mean??

We took to the social media for our first ever 365 In The Bank challenge and let our listeners give us there predictions for a chance to win the contract to challenge the lads at anytime of there choosing for the 365Title. Who would win?? Find out here.

The Contenders:

  1. Long Time Listener Kev Wright
  2. HOBIs Biggest Diva Jason Brigger
  3. Another Damn Wrestling Show Host Matt
  4. Wicked Radio Commander and Chief Big Dev
  5. RJ Holt666 (Just Handled That Way)
  6. Another Damn Wrestling Show Host Joe
  7. Graphic Novice Number 1 Fan Doug

Also we take a moment to remember the great actor that was Anton Yelchin who sadly passed away on Sunday morning.


Its Basically a recap show with a couple promos

WRN Network, Ross Marquand introduces us and Girlz Melon Intro

Promos for Epic Film Guys and HOBI


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EERIE INDIANA/Justin Shenkarow and GhostMan&Demon Hunter Show

By GhostMan and Demon Hunter Show

Tonight’s EPICness with G&D, as were joined with Special Guest, Actor/Director Justin Shenkarow from EERIE INDIANA and so much more!!

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Social Dozen SESH12 – Double The Shawn, Quadruple The Guns & Monkeys!

By mail@geekyantics.net (GeekyAntics.net #TheGANG)

We talk about the strange news coming from zoos nation-wide and how everyone
thinks they know better or can be a better parent. We live in a world where people love to judge and don’t consider the…

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