Cake VS. Pie – Who Is The Winner? (Please Take The Poll Too!)

Today we are here to continue an ongoing debate.  This will be a culinary battle mixed in with a batter of vlogging, a yearning for good eats (and wimminz), and a call to action for YOU: join the GANG and have your geeky goodness shared with our growing community..  There might even be cake or pie in it for you, whichever you prefer.  Now onto the tasty business…

Cake versus pie…  Which is better?

I’ve been wrestling with this debate for a long time.  If you’ve followed me on the “social medias” long enough you know that I share food-related stuff quite a bit on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.  I am a foodie.

We as geeks tend to have a stable of snacks, quick meals, and comfort foods.  Nothing beats marathon gaming sessions with your favorite snacks and adult beverages (if you are of age, of course).  I love my sweets but this decision is still tough.  Cake or pie?  Hmmm…  Maybe you can help me!

I talk about a lot of stuff that’s NOT food related in this vlog but one issue I encounter is particularly discerning: whether flan is a cake or a pie.  This here is the tie breaker.  The interwebz provide some useful knowledge.  Wikipedia, which never has false information, says the following on flan:

Not to be confused with crème caramel, also known as flan or flan de leche.  Flan is an open pastry or sponge cake containing a sweet or savoury filling.

Taste Of Home: Flan - Look At Dat Slice!

[ source: Taste of Home ]

Flan is my favorite.  It’s creamy and melts in your mouth..  Hey, stop that smirking.  It’s not just texture.  The flavor is satisfying in ways that only putting it in your mouth can explain..  Except maybe for when idgets make it very eggy (like a terribad egg salad).  Great flan is something to write home about, I promise!  Now that we know flan is categorized as cake, that tips the scales A LOT.

Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake - By Chef Dennis Littley

[ Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake Masterpiece by Chef Dennis Littley ]

Cheesecake is a close second to flan.  These tasty cakes come in many varieties.  Some are topped with marsipan (essentially edible, sugar-rich modeling clay), others have fruity toppers, graham crusts, or cookie crumbs.  The variety in the cheesecake world makes it a clear winner and a great boon for the cake cause.

If you’re ever in NYC, be sure to try some Junior’s cheesecake.  It’s not by any means the best of it’s kind but it rarely disappoints.  Last I checked, there are Junior’s locations opening up everywhere, including one in Grand Central Station that serves sandwiches, beverages, and many varieties of cheesecake.  Ah-nomnomnom!

Pecan pie Is OP..  When made right!Now  in the pie’s corner we have a Georgia favorite: pecan pie.  Thing is, GOOD pecan pie is hard to come by.  The problem with pie of any variety is that people tend to burn the top..  Or they make the filling TOO rich (or too bland).  I have a sweet tooth but, HOLY MOLY, I want to taste the distinct flavors, not go into a coma.

On the flip side, you have to be a special kind of nincompoop to mess up cake.  You bake it in layers and then you add your little touches afterwards.  Let the egg timer be your guide, young padawan!

Supernatural - Dean Says, "PIE!"

In short, I have rarely been disappointed by cake whereas pies often leave much to be desired.  I know that on the show Supernatural, Dean acts like pie is OP.  His love for pie is a bit contagious.  He is very adament about having Sam bring him pie..  And it got me thinking a bit.  Really, he made me question my belief but I think this issue is settled..  At least for me.

…And the winner is…

(You’ll have to skip to the end if you want my final verdict.)

During the“Cake Vs. Pie” Geektastic Vlog two-part series I talk about the need for more women.  We’ll be revisiting that as well as the deep discussion about the good and bad of gamer girls.  As we often do, we provide all sides of the debate to encourage you all to chime in.  Perhaps there is no right or wrong…  But I still choose cake.

…Now it’s your turn!

Leave some comments  explaining why you choose one or the other.  The best part about this debate is that everyone has an opinion and there really is no right or wrong answer..  Except maybe for vegans, unless they cheat on their diets.  For that, I am sorry.

Feel free to share your thoughts on anything else I have covered on my vlog.  I talk about all sorts of random things in my Geektastic Vlog including why I chose XBox over Playstation, the stupidity of pet fees/rent, and my #BirthdayBash on Twitch.  There’s also a Mega Man OST and some more Hearthstone talk (#YOHTAI)!  You can leave us comments below and/or VM at (206) 415-4987.

Thanks to those who encouraged me to share my crappy videos here on GANGnet.  We hope you will do the same (these are our current G.A.N.G. projects and openings)!


Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi!I am the founder of GANG.My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online.My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design.I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!

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Hello, my name is Yomar but friends call me Yogi! I am the founder of GANG. My goal is to help the little geeks create a voice for themselves and grow their audience without the usual exclusivity and snobbery found in the world, both offline and online. My background is in IT, marketing, writing, and game design. I'm excited to put my diverse skill sets to some good use and help others!


  1. Ok now I am hungry. Cake or pie… Doean’t matter to me. I will take a little of both please.

    But you mentioned Cheesecake. Ohhhhhhhhh….. My favorite.

    And hey I contribute here now so I am patiently waiting for my cake or pie.

    But yeah I gotta vote for cake. More solid and less messy than pie.

    • See, cake is just too OP. So far, the poll agrees with us. Tell your friends to vote. This is important stuff!

      I was hungry too.. But I am eating leftover Chinese take-out now… Hmmm, maybe that can be an upcoming poll and entry for the Food & Drink category…. =o>

      • What? Chinese vs Italian?

        • That’s not even a contest! There’s TONS of terribad Italian out there.. You have to be very special or live in the worst places in the world to get disgusting Chinese take-out. Of course, it depends on your taste.. Some people don’t like cat meat, I guess. =oP

  2. fortengard says:

    actually what you understand as “chinese food” is a specific kind of chinese cooking not common to the entirety of China
    as for cake vs pie… ehhh I gotta go with cake but they’re both things I’ll pass if there’s a better option

    • Oh who cares what is or is not Chinese food. Cat and dog are good eatin’. LOL.

    • Oh, I learned this the hard way when I asked my friend’s father, a legit Chinese chef, to make me some rice cakes in black bean sauce.. And sesame chicken. He made it but my friend was sure to let me know that, to them, what we know as Chinese food is like their McDonald’s. LOL.. I’ve always known that but it’s still good eats so.. THERE!

      …And cake is WINNING!

      • fortengard says:

        as it should. cheesecake, yo! cheesecake! none of this pastry filled with jam… unless it’s ham… but keep that potato away from this pie, goddamn welsh.

  3. Put candles in a cake and it’s a birthday party! Put candles in a pie and someone’s drunk in the kitchen. – Jim Gaffigan. LOL!

  4. PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pie all day every day. I love me some flan but flan is custard shaped in a ramekin or pan not really a cake or pie more like thick pudding.

    Don’t get me wrong Cake is delicious, but with pie there is so much variation including savory flavors and fillings. I never had me a meat cake.

    • Good points but, in my world, there are only two types of dessert: cake or pie. You’re on one side or the other. I do like savory pies like beef or breakfast pot pies.. But, in my experience, you’ll have more disappointing pies than cakes.

      And, yes, I know that flan is officially a custard but it’s been confirmed that the Flan family has signed up with #TeamCake. Also, cheesecake flan – DELICIOUS!!!

      If I’m sitting down for dessert, cake is the safer bet. That said, I used to love those Hostess cherry pies and a good pecan pie is fantastic. The Little Pie Company in Manhattan makes some amazing pecan pies. Good memories!

      Anywho, we’re just having fun with the convo. No need to get technical and police the terminology. =oP

  6. I just had a startling revelation.. A pizza is often referred to as a “pizza pie”. It has a crust so it makes sense.. I love pizza so I would have to edge towards pie…

    BUT I stay with cake because flan and cheesecake are AWESOME. I also prefer yellow cake over yellow. Ice cream cake rocks.. I mean, so much variety and you rarely get disappointed. Think about all the pies you’ve had that were either burnt or had bad crust. MEH!

    Let’s keep the scope to desserts because pizza is just too OP. Thanks to Maria for opening my eyes a bit. Pie is close but, sorry Dean Winchester, cake still wins. =oP

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