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Achievement Name Karma Description
The Social Triumverate 45

You’ve connected Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.. Now we can stay connected. Like ours and we’ll like yours, too.

Together Forever, Rick, Together Forever 33

Rick Astley knew what was up when he sang “Together Forever”. A group is born.. Can we sing Rick Astley covers?

Touching Hearts 200

You’ve made the rounds, you’ve touched many hearts.. You’ve made difference. Thank you.

Tweaking The Forums 17

Okay, this achievement is less crpytic..  Now our system administrators get a little more recognition.  Less than three you!

Welcome To The GANG!! 14

OMG – you’re here! Take a look around, bring some friends, stay a while.. Let’s have fun and share wonderful stories.

Where Did We Go Wrong? -20

UNfavorited? Was it something I said? Do I need a Tic-Tac? Oh, it was them.. Well, that’s still not nice.

Whistle While You Work 55

Music is the universal language.. Sharing music then must be the equivalent of sharing a slice of pizza. Whistle while you work. Music + Gaming/Work = PWNAGE

Writing Is FUNdamental 50

They say reading is fundamental but, no, writing is the true FUNdamental experience. We hope to see many more blog posts from you!

You Have The POWAH! 40

You have the POWAH.. But you shared it. That is good. Ruling alone is no fun. Everyone needs help to keep drooling skeletal humanoids away, amirite?

You’re A Star With Star Power! 5

Hey, all you did was click on some stars but people like those ratings so we appreciate it. Take it to the next level – leave a comment or a review?

YouTubers Connect Yo Tubes 15

YouTube is still a thing, though Google is making it hard for us non-Pewdiepie YouTubers. We should connect our tubes, y0.

Zombie Thread 18

YAY – a thread has been revived!  That makes you a necromancer and the thread a zombie.  Keep the brains handy.

Viewing 12 achievements - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)